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Brotherly Boundaries, The Originals “The Big Uneasy” 

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW
Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

I have to admit, it’s getting difficult to follow the alliance lines on The Originals now, especially after this week’s episode “The Big Uneasy.” Let’s see, Elijah set up a truce amongst the supernatural factions, but nobody really seems to believe it. Genevieve is sleeping with Klaus but plotting to steal his mother’s grimoire to raise the witches. Davina is grudgingly aligned with the witches, even though they are treating her like an outcast. Klaus is pretending to follow Elijah’s peace but making alliances with the werewolves.

Diego is following Elijah but pretty much jumping to whatever side keeps the vampires in the lead. Marcel just wants to kill everyone. Jackson is going along with Klaus but then spilling all to Hayley. Hayley is bonding with her pack but still drawn to Elijah……and poor well-meaning Elijah is just trying to hold it all together, until he learns of Klaus’s back dealings.

My head is spinning just trying to figure out who is on what side but one thing is clear. Elijah threw a gauntlet at Klaus in “The Big Uneasy.” Perhaps he’s finally hit his breaking point in his quest to redeem Klaus. Perhaps he’s inspired by Rebekah high-tailing it away from the crazy. Perhaps denying his impulses for Hayley have finally broken him. (Elijah, it’s not good to stifle.) Whatever the case may be, upon hearing of Klaus’s plan to align with his long-lost ancestral pack behind his back, Elijah finally said “When.”

Klaus and Elijah challenging each other is nothing new. They do it pretty much every chance they can. But Elijah had an authentic moment of realization when Klaus threw Elijah’s feelings for Hayley in his face. It dawned on him that he will never be free to make his own choices when it comes to the one he loves. Whatever his feelings for Hayley or her unborn child may be, he’ll never be able to act upon them. Klaus finally managed to push Elijah past his breaking point. Elijah, still with blood on his hands from massacring Thierry for daring to out Hayley in danger, finally pushed back at Klaus.

“No more. If I want something, I’ll take it. And nothing, nothing, will stand in my way.”

That “nothing,” meaning Klaus. To which I say “Good on ya, Elijah. About damn time.” While Elijah calmly walked away, Klaus had a moment of “whoops” on his face, realizing he’s pushed his big brother and sole true ally away.

But are the battle lines really drawn between brothers? The wrench in what could be a really bloody battle between brothers lies with the witches. Monique, in a creepy Ancestor channeling session, revealed Genevieve’s new quest. The witchy ancestors, who, by the way, seem super spooky and evil, want Klaus and Hayley’s child dead. With the witches gunning for the baby and the werewolves lining up to worship Hayley, the Originals will have their hands full keeping them both alive. It could be a uniting moment for them to protect the child.

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