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Revenge “Allegiance” 

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC

Yes, the red pen is the back! But it’s not someone Emily was really looking for because her father didn’t write about this person. But he’s in the famous picture! Here’s what we know:

-Pascal invites Emily to the horse races to try to charm her but Emily knows he is using her for Victoria. But in return, Emily uses this time to get a thumb print of Pascal for Aiden so he can get into the private records that Pascal keeps.

-Only a little later, Emily overhears an exchange between Victoria and a man named Luke Gilliam. She learns this man was supposed to take the fall instead of David Clarke and he has evidence against the Graysons. And that is when the wheels begin to turn in Emily’s head of how she can get the evidence.

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC

-Who is Luke Gilliam? Apparently the guy was a big deal at Grayson Global back in the day and started a natural gas business he is actually in town to get an award for. He is a bad guy, who does bad things to the environment. (Shocker, he’s a bad guy…) Somehow he has never been convicted. Obviously he is Emily’s new target. (And he’s played by White Collar‘s very own Tim DeKay!)

-Jack comes home and goes to see Margaux. She’s really busy but he asks how come he never heard from her while he was in California. He makes it clear they need to make time for each other. She agrees but just has to get some stuff done. She also tells Jack that her father is grooming her to take over the business. (This chick is going bye-bye!)

-Jack goes to meet up with Emily and she tells him about Gilliam and he says he is all in to help with her take down of the Graysons. Emily sets up a meeting with Gilliam in the guise of getting a job. Emily and Jack make a scene at this meeting where Emily defends Gilliam. The guy is so impressed with Emily he asks her to come to the awards ceremony and help him out. During the altercation Emily swipes a vial that Gilliam carries with him that shows people he can drink the compound they put in the ground. Obviously it’s not what he actually puts in the ground to extract natural gas, it’s just saline and gelatin. The crazy thing is that Victoria brought Gilliam to town as part of her plan to get Emily. I don’t think Emily knows this but I’m not totally sure.

-Nolan tries to mend fences with Javier. Meanwhile, Javier is hiding Charlotte in his bedroom.  Charlotte convinces Javier to meet with his brother. Daniel shows the program Javier has been developing to Margaux who loves it. She wants to bring it to her father. Somehow before the meeting, Daniel has called in some favors to get Javier out of his parole. Daniel, Margaux and Charlotte try to convince Javier to go into business with them instead of Nolan. Daniel even sweetens the deal by giving Javier a new sports car. Javier wants to be loyal to Nolan but Charlotte convinces him to come to the dark side of Grayson.

-If you remember from last week’s episode, Aiden and Emily discovered the name of a reporter named Oscar Chapman. Originally they thought he was dead but Mason Treadwell confirmed that Oscar faked his death. Nolan finds a woman named Brenda Evans. She emptied all of Chapman’s bank accounts. The thing is Brenda is actually Oscar in disguise. Oscar tells Aiden and Nolan that Aiden’s Dad had no idea he was planting the bomb that killed so many people.  He also lets them know that Aiden’s Dad did not kill himself he was actually murdered and Pascal was behind all of it. Aiden’s father was going to tell his story to Oscar, but Pascal made sure that wouldn’t happen.

-Meanwhile Aiden and Nolan were spied on at Oscar’s place. Pascal shows up and kills Oscar in cold blood. He also has tapes of Conrad from when they were plotting to take down David Clarke. How does Conrad respond to this? Conrad shows up at a bar where Aiden is drinking.  He shows him the picture of Oscar dead and tells Aiden he should be allies with him. (Don’t do it Aiden….)

-Luke Gilliam is getting his award when he drinks one of the vials he always carries with him.  What he doesn’t know is that the actual compound he uses isin the vial and he starts to choke and collapses to the ground. Meanwhile on the screen behind him the words — “Taste Good, Mr. Gilliam” — appears courtesy of Jack. As Luke is in his hospital room, Emily in disguise appears on his computer screen and tells him he needs to give up his information on Conrad.

-Nolan finds out Javier has signed a contract with Daniel and Margaux. He warns him that he is being played. But Javier doesn’t see it that way. (He’s so being played!)

-Jack confronts Margaux about stealing Javier’s project from Nolan. He is so angry that he tells her he loves her but can’t be near her right now. He tells Emily things are probably not going to work out with Margaux. (Will they work out with Emily?  I so hope so.)

-Nolan declares war on Daniel. He warns Daniel he has messed with the wrong person. Nolan being a bad a**!  I love it!

-As Emily crosses out her next victim with the red sharpie, we see Victoria has the same picture with a black sharpie and realizes Emily is getting revenge for David Clarke! Will Victoria find out more next time? Like the fact that Emily is actually David Clarke’s daughter Amanda? What’s Nolan’s plan to get back at Daniel? What is Aiden going to do now that Oscar has been killed?

See you next time.

Revenge airs Sunday at 10/9c on ABC.

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