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The King is Dead, Game of Thrones “The Lion and the Rose” 


Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead

Stop reading right now if you haven’t watched the episode yet. Usually, I’d get to the juicy bits after the “read more,” but this can’t wait. King Joffrey is dead. Joffrey dies at a wedding, Robb and Catelyn Stark die at a wedding. It seems like maybe people should dispense with all the public celebrating and just elope; weddings are bad for your health. While we know who was behind the murder of the Starks, the list is long and varied as to who might have wanted the King dead. Actually, it’s a list so long I don’t think it’s even possible to list everyone on it. But one thing is clear. Cersei thinks Tyrion is responsible. Or, at least, that’s who she accuses publicly.

I think we all suspected that Jack Gleeson‘s reign as King was coming to a close when the press-shy actor made the rounds before the season premiere. I thought he’d at least last until the end of the season, so it’s truly a shock that he only made it through the second episode. And I’m not sorry to see him die in agony. He was a truly horrid human being. He got off on torture and humiliation and he was already making for an unjust ruler. But with him dead, who “inherits” the throne next?

Or maybe we should be asking who the rightful heir to the throne is. I want to see Daenerys on the throne. She certainly has a tactical advantage if even one of her three dragons make it to King’s Landing with her. And her father was King. Since Robb Stark declared himself King of the North, the Starks have a claim as well. But the two living Stark boys are far too young to be put on the throne. Who would be the Queen regent? Their mother is dead. Joffrey leaves Margaery Tyrell behind. I don’t know how these things work in this world, but since they didn’t get a chance to consummate their marriage (and therefore there’s no hope of an heir from that union), I feel like her claim is weak. I guess Stannis Baratheon’s claim is still in play. This is definitely good for him and if he can gather another army quickly, it’s probably a good time to strike. I’m sure I’m leaving people out, but that’s everyone I can think of for now. Feel free to weigh in with your theories.

Other Developments:

Bolton’s bastard Ramsay is a truly vile and disgusting boy. I was never a great fan of Theon Greyjoy, but I still can’t believe Ramsay castrated him. In tonight’s episode he and his lady-love hunt down a woman because her beauty made Myranda jealous. Once she’s wounded, he lets his dogs tear her apart. When his father returns to Dragonfort, he’s disappointed Ramsay tortured and maimed Theon. He had hoped to ransom him for Moat Cailin, which he needs to truly rule the North. But Ramsay did learn some valuable information from his “Reek.” Now Bolton knows that the two Stark boys live.

North of the wall, Bran learns that if he inhabits the body of any animal too long he will forget himself and those he knows. In fact, he might not be able to come back to himself. His direwolf seems particularly interested in a tree, so Bran has Hodor take him to it. When he touches it, Bran has a vision. He sees his father, a three-eyed crow and the shadow of a dragon flying over King’s Landing among other things. The tree also tells him where they need to go.

Fearing for her life, Tyrion breaks up with Shae. Unlike him, Shae isn’t afraid of Cersei or Tywin so she’s not afraid to be seen with her lover. But Tyrion knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s killed. So he and Lord Varys arrange her passage to Pentos where she will have a very comfortable life. The truth won’t get her to leave him, so he tells her he must remain true to his vows. He tells her it’s time to leave. Bronn escorts her to the ship.

Worried about a loss of face and reputation, Jamie takes up secret sparring sessions with Bronn, who doesn’t go easy on him. If challenged, Jamie needs to prove that he’s still the Kingslayer. Even though he and Cersei are at odds at the moment, she discovers that Lady Brienne has feelings for her brother. That’s gonna cause trouble down the line, if not sooner.

Random Thoughts:

Even though he continuously disregarded and disrespected her, I (kind of) understand why Cersei is so upset over the death of her son. No matter how he turned out, he was created out of love. He’s a piece of herself and Jamie that is now dead. I, however, will not miss him. Jack Gleeson, yes. Joffrey Baratheon, hell no.

I fear that Theon will have to suffer as Ramsay’s Reek for a while longer. I truly feel pity for him. He’s done some stupid things during his life, but I don’t think he deserves the torture Ramsay keeps putting him through. Part of me wanted Theon to kill Ramsay while he was shaving him. That little shit deserve to die a horrible, painful death.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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