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Lost Girl Season Four Finale “Dark Horse” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

The Lost Girl season four finale didn’t ease us in gently. It smacked us right in the face and dragged us in by the hair.

The Pyrippus is closing in and is trying to draw the Dark Queen, aka Bo, out. And she needs Trick to tell her everything he knows about her blood. Trick still maintains he doesn’t know the true identity of Bo’s father. But he does tell her that all those years ago when Aoife tried to avenge her mother’s death,  he had to use her  to set an example to prove that his blood laws were infallible. He handed her over to the Dark Fae but instead of executing her, they kept her a prisoner thereby creating the woman we know today.

As with all Fae, they can use their blood to drain life for survival but with her father’s blood Bo can draw life from many people and transfer the life force to others. She has inherited the abilities of both her parents and Trick fears will help her father escape.  I’m sorry but I still don’t believe Trick doesn’t know who Bo’s father is. We have all seen him with a picture of the Pyrippus hidden in his lair and when he had to escape a few episodes back, he took it with him. If he doesn’t know who it is why does he hide so much from everyone?

Massimo seems to be having a meltdown and is busy digging a grave while Lauren, chained to a post, is taunting him. I would guess that’s not the best way to go if she wants to stay alive. Hopefully, Massimo will expire before too long, as now that he has killed the last Zamoran heir, he is prematurely aging. And if that wasn’t enough after he swallowed the origin seed it is trying to devour him. And all he is worried about is making his mother proud. His latest scheme is to bring his mother the succubus’ head. Massimo turns up at the Dal to tell Bo he wants her dead. Bo, quite rightly, wants to tear him apart for what he did to Hale but Massimo seems to have extraordinary powers now and overpowers Trick and Reiner and starts throwing Bo around. And he kills Reiner. Oh my God — and that’s only in the first 15 minutes. I can tell this is going to get a lot nastier and a whole lot more emotional before we are done. Better get the tissues ready.

Trick takes an injured Bo home and leaves her with Tamsin while he goes off looking for answers. When Bo wakes up, she is feeling sorry for herself and tells Tamsin she has let everyone down and she doesn’t know to do. Tamsin goads her and draws out the succubus and they decide to have fun trying to make Massimo die over and over again. Just then, Dyson and Kenzi show up and the tension between Bo and Kenzi is a little bit awkward but Tamsin is happy as she has Reiner’s soul and a second chance to deliver it to Valhalla, which is what she should have done in the first place. This could end her exile but Kenzi is busy ignoring Tamsin and asks her to translate some words from a book which belonged to Rosette. The page Kenzi rips out says that the daughter’s heart will close the portal. Kenzi thinks this is literal and they decide not to tell Bo yet until they have got Lauren back.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Bo tells Dyson nobody is going to tell her who she is and now that Reiner is dead she rips up the Dark Fae contract that he witnessed. Dyson doesn’t think that will work and then tells her that all these years he has been looking for a King but he should have been looking for a Queen. Her. He proceeds to kneel in front of Bo and pledges that his blood, his soul and his body are hers and he swears fealty to her. And he wants to be by her side for ever. Bo is welling up and so am I and to add to the intensity, he tells her he loves her.

Bo and Dyson have to go back to the spiritual center for crazy pony ladies where they find the portal along with a few horse heads and broken carousels. Bo wonders what will come out of there when revenants start appearing. She sucks their chi but instead of stopping them, it brings out her dark side and she turns on Dyson and tells him she is his Queen whether he swears it or not and her true army cometh. Oh hello, shit is about to get real. Will Bo be able to suppress the dark or will it overcome her? Will she betray everyone she loves?

She is still in there and begs Dyson to do something so he grabs her and kisses her and she is back. But she tells him he needs some new moves, although he says it works every time.

Evony asks Trick why they have never……….. and he tells her she is not his type. But she reasons if they are all going to bo-bequed anyway, they may as well have a little fun first. Evony tells him there is only one way to close the gates of hell, sometimes the smallest thing casts the longest shadow and they decide to join forces to defeat the coming Armageddon.

Kenzi and Dyson are busy looking for Lauren at the Morrigan’s place when Evony shows up wrapped up like an eskimo. Now she is human she is having trouble regulating her body temperature and Dyson susses this out. She tells them Massimo has Lauren but she wants her alive to reverse the human she is now back to the Fae she was.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Bo decides it’s time to start channelling her father’s power and get out of control and she tells Dyson he needs to contain the dead warriors that come out of the portal with Tamsin’s help to cast out over them. She makes Dyson promise to keep Kenzi close and keep her safe.  I knew that their friendship was still alive and kicking but Kenzi is hurting so much she blames the person closest to her. Kenzi and Tamsin come to see her before she goes and Kenzi hugs her, all is right with the Fae world, and tells her she will be fine as she hands Bo the sword that killed Hale.

Massimo now has Reiner’s foresight as well as Hale’s siren whistle plus the power of the Una Mens. And he bursts out the siren whistle on Bo when she turns up to save Lauren. He is an evil little man trying to prove something to a mother that will never love him. Bo tries to suck the chi from Massimo but it’s still not enough to floor him. Then Evony turns up and Bo grabs her and holds a knife to her throat. This tips Massimo over the edge and if he’s not careful he might self- combust. Bo sucks chi from Evony and torments Massimo with the fact that she can tell how mommy dearest really feels about him. Coward, mistake and pathetic to name a few. Bo shoves Evony in front of Massimo and he sucks the chi from Evony until she drops to the floor. He begs Bo to save his mommy and she says she will need someone else’s chi to do that. A life for a life, that is the Fae way. So she takes his chi to save Evony. However, Massimo is still alive. So this begs the question, why could she not do that for Hale?

While Massimo is tending to his mother, Lauren lifts the Twig of Zamora from his pocket and Bo takes the opportunity to punch him for everyone he has taken from her; for laying a finger on Lauren; for killing Reiner and Hale; and for her pièce de résistance, she stabs him for breaking Kenzi’s heart with the very sword he used to kill Hale. Karma is a bitch.

I notice Bo is wearing the necklace she found in Lauren’s apartment and this pleases Lauren. At the time Bo found the necklace, I wasn’t entirely sure it was meant for her.

Dyson and Tamsin are busy fighting the dead warriors and Dyson is impressed with her Valkyrie battle skills. Trick shows up to help them just as Kenzi walks through all the fighting towards the portal and as Dyson tries to stop her she tells him that she gets it now, she does have a part to play. The portal can only be closed with Bo’s heart, and she is it.  Oh no, it can’t be the only way, can it? Destiny has a sick sense of fun. Dyson tries to talk her out of it and offers to go in her place but I think we all know it is Kenzi’s right of passage.

She tells him Tamsin will take her soul to Valhalla and that is where she will wait for them. She thinks if she can go out as a warrior in battle, it will increase her chances to see Hale again. And Bo will never stop looking for her to bring her home. Kenzi walks toward her destiny in her knee high leather boots and as she steps over the strewn bodies, I would have stomped on them with those stilettos personally, towards the portal Bo arrives. Dyson holds Bo back and Kenzi looks almost at peace to have found her place, at last, in the Fae world. The portal spits her back out and Tamsin runs to her and Valkryries out. She wraps Kenzi in her wings and as she holds onto her and bows over her, the light engulfs them and they are gone.

Dyson later finds Tamsin at the gates of Valhalla and she tells him Kenzi is gone. She tells him they can’t let Bo find the ‘second hell shoe?’ This was already featured in Le Fae Epoque and nearly got Dyson executed. Dyson gathers Tamsin up in his arms and carries her home.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

The finale ends with Bo going to visit Kenzi’s grave and we learn that they buried Reiner near the battlefield with the people who fought and died for him. She tells Kenzi she will not let anyone else die on her watch and she is done crying and being scared. She misses Kenzi and needs her, needs her courage and whatever it takes she will get her back.

I feel drained and emotional after watching this finale but you can be sure I will be waiting on tenterhooks for season five, which is currently in filming.

Fae-vorite Lines

“Why don’t you suck it up and get your shit together.”

“What do you say cowboy, shall we break some fillies?”

“Turning me off instead of turning me on.”

“Because I’m human, a mother?  No, a stone cold bitch.”

Clip “Thank You For Being a Friend” — Kenzi’s big sacrifice

Syfy teases season five which returns in 2015.

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