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Switching Partners on Dancing with the Stars “Season 18 Week 4” 

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

The week we were waiting for. Okay the week I was waiting for. The Switch Up! Did the partners we want get put together? This week’s guest judge was Julianne Hough, whom everyone loved last season. Each partner was announced right before each dance. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go but I found it interesting. One of the problems I did notice was the band had some trouble. Also it was announced that no one was going home this week. I guess that’s fair but does that mean a double elimination next week or what? Let’s break last night down:

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Candace Cameron Bure and Tony Dovoloni (regular partner – Mark Ballas)

Dance: Quickstep

  • The first thing Candace said in the taped package was, “I think the person I don’t want is Tony because he always embarrasses me.” Surprise! It ended up being fine but they gave Candace a hard time about her technique. Could she be in jeopardy next week?

Score: 7-Carrie Ann, 7- Len, 7-Julianne, 7-Bruno; Total: 28

Voting number: 800-868-3407

James Maslow and Cheryl Burke (regular partner – Peta Murgatroyd) 

Dance: Tango

  • Well I liked this. Did you? Julianne liked it too. She talked about how most of the hot guys can get so far but that James is not only hot, he is a contender. All the judges like it but gave him a hard time with his butt sticking out. (I didn’t have a problem with this at all.) One of my favorites of the night for many reasons.

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 9-Julianne, 9-Bruno; Total: 35

Voting number: 800-868-3402

Drew Carey and Witney Carson (regular partner – Cheryl Burke)

Dance: Cha Cha

  • Drew happens to be the oldest celebrity this season and Witney is paired with Cody who is one of the youngest. He made a comment that it was like dancing with his daughter. But they really did do a great job!  I personally feel that Drew is the best comedian they have had on the show. He is progressively getting better and Julianne loved it so much, she gave him a nine.

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 9-Julianne, 8-Bruno; Total: 33

Voting number: 800-868-3409

Macy’s Stars of Dance

  • Last season they did not have the Macy’s Stars of Dance performances since they went down from two days to one. This season Derek is in charge of these dances and has a lot of freedom to try different things. This week’s dance featured Kathryn McCormick, from the movie, Step Up Revolution and So You Think You Can Dance. The dance also featured slow-motion camera which only works if it is choreographed correctly. (Of course it was, it’s Derek!)

Danica McKellar and Maks Chmerkovskiy (regular partner – Valentin Chmerkovskiy)

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Dance: Jive

  • Danica is a lucky girl. She gets a chance to dance with both brothers! In the package Maks expressed he was frustrated that Danica asks a lot of questions when Meryl just does what he tells her to do. (Hello, Meryl is an Ice Dancer and Danica is a very analytical girl.) The judges had mixed reactions. Also there was a problem with the music. Len felt there was too much goofing about. It was also mentioned that Maks was phoning it in. Julianne even prefaced what she said by saying that Maks was Mark this year. Maks’ reply was, “I’ll never be Mark.” (Interesting…..) Anyway, Julianne said it seemed that Maks was just trying to get through the week to get back to Meryl. Maks didn’t agree and either did his brother. (That could have been awkward)

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 8-Julianne, 8-Bruno; Total: 32

Voting number: 800-868-3403

Charlie White and Peta Murgatroyd (regular partner – Sharna Burgess)

Dance: Rhumba

  • The judges were split on this dance. Len and Carrie Ann didn’t think that they did a proper Rhumba. And Carrie Ann also said there was a lift. They thought the performance was good but had to call them out. Julianne and Bruno thought it was stunning and beautiful. One constructive criticism was that Charlie starts on his heels too much and that’s probably because of the skating. Peta looked really upset that she had let Charlie and Sharna down but I couldn’t disagree with that more!

Score: 7-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 9-Julianne, 9-Bruno; Total: 33

Voting number: 800-868-3412

Amy Purdy and Mark Ballas (regular partner – Derek Hough)

Dance: Salsa

  • Amy and Mark were excited to work together. At the beginning of the week they both were struggling. But once Mark sat down and had a chat with his BFF Derek, everything fell into place. This girl keeps amazing me every week how she can move and do it well. If you didn’t already know that she didn’t have legs, you wouldn’t even be able to tell.

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 8-Julianne, 9-Bruno; Total: 34

Voting number: 800-868-3410

Cody Simpson and Sharna Burgess (regular partner – Witney Carson)

Dance: Foxtrot

  • Sharna is only 28 but she really felt the generation difference with Cody. She was being serious and whipping him in to shape while Witney is a little more laid back. The guy can dance and they did a nice Foxtrot. However both the judges and myself (Cause my opinion matters) can see he still is not embracing different styles of dance. He needs to improve his arms, especially for the ballroom dances like the Foxtrot. He sang at the beginning but I don’t think they should ever let the singers in the competition do that. That’s just my personal opinion though.

Score: 9-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 9-Julianne, 9-Bruno; Total: 35

Voting number: 800-868-3408

Nene Leakes and Derek Hough (regular partner – Tony Dovolani)  

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Dance: Jazz

  • When Nene saw that she had Derek she called him her little Munchkin! She’s so funny. Again there was a problem with the music but Nene kept going. She did a great job and the moves showed off how good she can be. Unfortunately I think it sucks that they got penalized because of the band’s mistakes. I miss Harold Wheeler. I’m sorry, I said it! Bloop!

Score: 8-Carrie Ann, 8- Len, 8-Julianne, 8-Bruno; Total: 32

Voting number: 800-868-3401

Meryl Davis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy (regular partner – Maksim Chmerkovskiy)

Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC
Photo Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC

Dance: Argentine Tango

  • Apparently this is Maks’ favorite dance. Meryl, like Danica, is a lucky girl and got a chance to dance with both brothers. This was my favorite dance of the night. And the judges agreed. Even Julianne said to Meryl that she wished she could dance like her. That is the biggest compliment a girl can get.

Score: 10-Carrie Ann, 9- Len, 10-Julianne, 10-Bruno; Total: 39

Voting number: 800-868-3406

Favorite Quotes

Len: “Getting a new partner is like getting an itchy blanket. It’s uncomfortable but it gets the job done.”

Tom: “Last season it was Bill Engvall.”

Julianne: “Peta can help you with tucking your pelvis.”

Tony: “Who’s ever working with Nene, get ear muffs. She screams a lot.”

Cheryl: “It’s a grandpa relationship. Cute. Creepy but cute.”

Tom: “Star graduates of the May-December Academy.”

Maks: “Some things in nature just happen. I’m a naturally gorgeous person.”

Tom: “I’m going to let Maks go get tickets for Julianne’s tour.”

Len: “Your bottom is the top.”

Erin: “Do you want me to smack you now or later?”

Val: “I just wanted to use a big word.”

Next week the celebrities will be back with their original partners. Also someone is going home. Who will it be? You never know. It’s a very fierce competition. See you next week.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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