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Once Upon a Time “It’s Not Easy Being Green” 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC
Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

This week has so many wonderful moments, it almost feels like they held some back in previous episodes to give us this treat. Granted, the witch fight was far too short and showed little of the pent-up rivalry it deserved, but if that means leaving room for more good stuff, I’m okay with that.

The gauntlet has finally been thrown down between Zelena and Regina. With her cover blown, Zelena has no more need to work quietly behind the scenes, and she comes out with zeal this week. Their connection is finally explained, and we are treated to Zelena’s downfall into envy and hatred over Regina’s apparent good fortune.  If only Zelena had seen more of Regina’s childhood and home life, she may not have been so quick to wish herself a part of it.

Her need to claim Regina’s heart is the logical next step after taking Charming’s courage.  Clever of Regina to leave it behind, her mother taught her well. Ingredient number three will have to be brains, and no doubt we will soon find out who Zelena considers to be the clever one to target. But what then? How do these three traits allow her to reset her world, and what does it have to do with Mary Margaret’s unborn child? It’s a mystery, but one I look forward to watching unfold.

The flashback scenes to life in Oz are very interesting. Zelena gets her own pair of magic silver slippers, much like the ruby slippers her sister the Wicked Witch of the East will ultimately lose to Dorothy. I can’t wait to hear the story behind those, I’m sure there’s a great one. I suspect that Zelena’s brilliant plan to get her every wish through magic is going to backfire in more ways than she can imagine, sisters and slippers included.

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC
Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

It’s nice to see Hook show an interest in Henry, and take him away for some much-needed male bonding time. Talking to Henry about his dad is a very sweet moment, but I can’t help feeling that Hook has lost his edge. Baelfire was his friend so I can’t fault him for showing kindness to his son, yet I’d love to see some semblance of a return to the pirate Hook who’s only in it for himself. That pirate had a fire in his soul that couldn’t be quenched, and I miss him. I hope he isn’t gone forever. This softer, gentler Hook is feeling just a little too much like a token love interest for Emma, and I hate to see such a fabulous character reduced to only that.

How much fun is it to watch Belle try to help Rumple? It’s so much like her to believe that her love is strong enough to save him, even from his own dagger’s power. Perhaps she’s right, but today it’s not meant to be.  Then again, she didn’t get the chance to kiss him. Legend has it that True Love’s kiss is stronger than any magic, I wonder if that includes the magic of the Dark One? I suppose time will tell.

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC
Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC

It’s really quite impressive how this show has manipulated our feelings so deftly. Remember back to the first season? Remember how the Evil Queen was a woman to be feared and hated? To be thwarted at every possible opportunity? How differently we see her now, sitting in the woods feeling the loss of confidence at the re-examination of Rumple’s letter, knowing now that the glowing words he wrote were never really about her as she has long believed. Is that compassion we feel? Watching her with Robin Hood and knowing their alleged destiny, could that be hope in our hearts? And speaking of hearts, how precious is it to watch Regina entrust hers to Robin? That trust is undoubtedly the first step to something wonderful, let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint her.

As I said at the start, there were so many wonderful moments this week, it’s hard to choose just one. Still, I have to say my favorite moment of goodness is when Zelena unmasks the Wizard. There has never been any doubt that Emma’s would-be fiancé Walsh is more involved in things than we could guess, but watching his downfall is quite exceptional. After he has done his best to help her, watching Zelena effortlessly convert The Great and Terrible Oz into her mindless minion is a bit of a shock. But it’s a huge piece of the puzzle and it’s hard to feel too sorry for him after what he put Emma through, so it brings mixed feelings. Is he just a kind-hearted showman from Kansas who is destined to help lost girls return home, or is there more to his story? It’s a safe bet to assume there’s much more to learn about his situation, and it’s going to be fun to see how things play out.

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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  1. MByerly

    Some commenter elsewhere suggests that Rumple is the brains she wants. He certainly seemed a bit stupid or in a stupor earlier.

    If anyone is interested, a comparison of this story to the original OZ books is here:

    I thought it quite illuminating.

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