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Revenge “Blood” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Revenge is back and we actually learned a few things. Here’s how things went down:

-Someone is having a nightmare. A boy goes into some kind of shed and finds a man lying in his blood and the boy screams. Then Aiden wakes up. We find out Aiden’s father committed suicide and he was the one that found him. Aiden’s father was falsely accused of being a terrorist and there is still no link to Pascal. This guy has had a difficult life. First we find out about his sister and now his Dad. So sad.

-Aiden enlists Emily’s help so they go to England to visit his mother. He has not seen her in eight years. Emily poses as his fiancée’ so he can maybe get some answers. His mother doesn’t know that his sister is dead. Emily convinces him to tell her so that she will have closure. He does and they have a good goodbye. After Aiden and Emily come back from London, they reconnect and get back together.

-While in London, Aiden finds a clue about his father and the connection to Pascal. The name is Oscar Chapman. He was a reporter who worked for Pascal. Apparently Oscar is dead.

-Pascal goes back on his promise to Conrad to be in business together. (Conrad even helped Pascal get “into bed” with his ex and that is weird enough) Pascal, the dummy, tells Conrad he is retiring in two years and is having his son Gideon take over the business.  Meanwhile Conrad gives this information to Pascal’s South American business partner. The guy does not like this and Conrad makes an overture to go into business with him and his new company, “Grayson Media.”

-Meanwhile Margaux finds out that Pascal is grooming Gideon to take over his business and she is not a happy camper. Daniel, who is turning into his father, uses this so he can get closer to her. Well, Jack is definitely not happy about this. He knows what Daniel is doing. He also manipulates Pascal to give Margaux a chance. Pascal actually apologizes to Margaux for being a terrible father. She shows him the five-year plan she has for the company, which helps him change his mind. He decides that he will groom her to take over instead. She celebrates with Daniel later. Is Margaux that gullible that she doesn’t see what Daniel is doing? Is she that blinded by the Grayson men? I still don’t like her.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Mason Treadwell makes an appearance again. Victoria decides to go visit him in jail to see if he will give up the goods on Emily. He tells her if she can get him out of jail by the end of the month and a table at an amazing restaurant, then he will consider it. Of course, he calls Emily and asks for a change in their deal or he will tell Victoria what he knows. So she sends Stevie with a contract to have him sign but he refuses to do so.

-Nolan gives contracts to his house guest, Javier, to sign. According to the papers it says that Nolan will get 70% of the company. Javier is very unhappy with this and wants to explore his options.

-We all know Daniel is manipulating Charlotte to do some of his dirty work. He convinces her Jack is out to get their family. (It’s true but if she knew why she would not be helping her brother) Javier shows up at Charlotte’s house and tells her about her issue with Nolan and tells her how he helped out Jack get some files from a law firm. Dumb, dumb Charlotte tells Javier that she thinks that her brother can help with the Nolan problem. Javier is probably not going to be around much longer. This is my prediction.

-Mason is in his jail cell getting ready for bed or getting up for the day. When he uses some shaving cream and all of a sudden he starts to choke and dies. (Or so we think)

-Meanwhile Victoria shows up at Stevie’s hotel room. She informs her that Mason is dead. Victoria also gives her a hard time for visiting him and leaves her a bottle of booze to drink. Stevie does drink and Jack finds her. He tells her that he is going to take her back to L.A. and he can’t stay with her. She thinks it’s because he loves Emily.  (Of course he does! He just doesn’t want to admit it.)

-Later Mason wakes up in a body bag in the back of an ambulance. Who is the driver?  Hello, Nolan. Nolan tells Mason he is being given a new identity and a place in the Maldives. Is he going to keep the secrets? Mason says yes but before he goes he drops a bombshell. Nolan asks him if he knows about Oscar Chapman. Mason tells Nolan that Oscar faked his own death. (Yet another person Emily, Nolan and Aiden have to track down)

The red pen comes back next week. Who is going to get it? We shall see.

Revenge airs Sunday at 10/9c on ABC.

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