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EXCLUSIVE Tuned In Q&A: Composer FM Le Sieur Talks About the End of Syfy’s Being Human [Interview] 


Music composer FM Le Sieur helps us say goodbye to Being Human, the Syfy series he worked on from the beginning. He talked about the characters, his thoughts on why the show was a success, what he thinks of the series finale and what it was like to create music for a show he knew was about to end.

TV GOODNESS: It was a little bit of a shock to find out that Being Human is coming to an end after season four. Why do you think the show was such a success?

FM LE SIEUR: I think, in some ways, a lot of people can see themselves in the characters. A Vampire, Ghost and Werewolves are metaphors for each of our own imperfections. Plus, there was such a great cast and original writing on the show. It had all the makings of a success story!

TV GOODNESS: Being Human has such vocal and passionate fans…it has to feel great to be part of a show like that. What does it mean to you to have been the Music Composer for this series?

FM: The fans are really passionate. I received so much feedback from the fans on Facebook and Twitter. It was also extremely rewarding to have an album released for the show. It was great to be a part of this ride.

TV GOODNESS: Why do you think this was the right time for the show to wrap up its story?

FM: I sincerely think they could have gone on for another year, but this way fans have a real ending, and a great ending.

TV GOODNESS: When did you find out that this was going to be the last season?

FM: We knew right at the beginning of this season that there will be an “ending” this year. We knew they were going to finish the arc of many of the stories and leave nothing really untied.

TV GOODNESS: If you knew ahead of time, did it make creating music for season four a different kind of experience? How?

FM: At the beginning of the season, I was thinking of making the finale a kind of “best of” my music in the show. But then I soon realized that I had to tell the story musically in the right way. There was also something very unique about this season in that Sam Witwer actually wrote a melody for the series that I incorporated into the score [see the video below]. That was very refreshing. Sam’s melody was romantic in a way, which I typically didn’t do on the show. It gave the score a special flavor. It was used specifically on the last episodes surrounding the new feelings between Aidan and Sally.

TV GOODNESS: What were some of your favorite musical moments from this season? Which scenes or moments or episodes worked perfectly with the cues you created?

FM: My favorite moments this season are definitely from episodes eight (“Rewind, Rewind…”) and nine (“Too Far, Fast Forward!”). In those two episodes we go back in time and everything is altered by Sally, who is suddenly not dead anymore! Musically, I had to reinvent myself. I had to find new sounds, new textures, and get away from my comfort zone for the show. It was very challenging and very fun to do. Certainly, another part of my satisfaction came from my collaboration with Sam.

TV GOODNESS: How did you approach scoring music for each character (Aidan, Josh, Sally and Nora)? Was there something you had in mind? Was the music for one character darker than the others?

Photo Credit: Art Streiber/Syfy
Photo Credit: Art Streiber/Syfy

FM: The very first thing I ever wrote for Being Human was actually Aidan’s theme. I used an electric bass and found that it gave an urban edge to the character. For Josh, I used more “earthy” sounds like acoustic guitars and a dobro. For Sally, I used a piano and ethereal synthesizer sounds to emphasize the ghost character. Each had their own sound or theme.

TV GOODNESS: Which season did you especially enjoy writing music for and why?

FM: This is a tough question, because I really enjoyed working on the show as a whole. I liked working on the first season for the simplicity of the music and the fun of discovering themes and sounds for those fantastic characters. For the second season, I have fond memories of working with Jeremy Carver to illustrate the new, fantastic, crazy stories, like The Dutch or The Reaper. Seasons three and four I was able to write new and twisted themes, like when Sally got new powers.

TV GOODNESS: Talk about creating music for the series finale — was that especially emotional for you? How did you approach it? Were there any challenges in scoring the music for the finale?

FM: It was definitely emotional. I created about 1,700 cues of music for Being Human. It’s been four great years. You get attached, like the fans, to these characters. Like the fans, I followed their stories. I had a plan before even seeing the last episode, but I was surprised by the story and had to score some new and unexpected music.

TV GOODNESS: Have you seen the series finale? What are some of your (non-spoilery) thoughts? Do you think fans are going to be satisfied by the finale?

FM: I’ve seen it many times! The only thing I can tell you is that it’s beautiful and touching. I think the fans will be more than satisfied.

TV GOODNESS: What’s next for you? What else are you working on?

FM: Right now I’m writing music for a Canadian feature film. It’s a comedy/drama about an action movie director who is affected by the death of fan of his movie (imitating a stunt from the movie). Because of this, he suddenly wants to do a career-change and do a serious and meaningful movie. It’s a very funny and touching movie.

Being Human was a wonderful series that aired on Syfy. And we are so happy to have been fans of the show.

FM Le Sieur and Being Human’s Sam Witwer talk about their season four musical collaboration 

Scoring “Being Human” from CW3PR Vimeo on Vimeo.

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