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Lost Girl “Origin” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

I had half forgotten that Hale died in last weeks episode until I sat down to watch this weeks episode and it all came flooding back to me. The opening scene was Dyson delivering his eulogy and Kenzi, barely able to control her tears, sat on her own away from Bo and Tamsin. After the ceremony, Bo declares that she will give Kenzi whatever she needs, she couldn’t keep Hale alive though could she, when a knight from the order of Rainer appears out of the trees and pledges her fealty to her queen, Bo. As usual it’s all about Bo and poor Kenzi storms off. Although, I think Kenzi is more mad with herself than Bo, after all it was her that gave Massimo the Twig of Zamoro because she was so desperate to be Fae.

Bo promises Kenzi that Massimo will pay and along with Dyson they confront the Druid. He tells them that the wanderer will expire in 7 days if the curse is not broken. Kenzi wants the twig of Zamoro but Massimo takes great delight in telling her that Hale would never have been satisfied with being married to a pathetic human. He can talk!

Dyson won’t let Kenzi kill Massimo as he has some information that will help them and marches him off to Trick. Kenzi is feeling more let down and thinks that not only has Bo betrayed her but Dyson has, too.

Kenzi has called Vex to help her get revenge but he seems to be having a crisis of conscience and it’s not long ’til we discover why. He helps her release Massimo from the cell in Trick’s lair. Kenzi holds the blood stained sword that killed Hale to his throat and demands to know where the twig of Zamoro is. Just as Kenzi threatens to cut out his tongue Massimo calls on “Vexy,” Vexy?, Vexy? What is that all about? I feel Vex is about to disappoint me yet again. Vex responds by whipping the sword from Kenzi’s hand. He is keeping to some blood oath he made to take Massimo in and the tables are turned on Kenzi. On the plus side he wouldn’t let Massimo hurt Kenzi and told him to get out before he changed his mind.

So if Vex has looked after Massimo since he was little and was abandoned by his mother, who did Massimo really want Tamsin’s hair for, because he told them it was for his mommy before he was thrown into the fire pit. Massimo takes off to Evony and she is looking for a cure in his bag and he has the origin seed. Evony tells Massimo what a disappointment he was when he calls her mother. Ha, I was right all those weeks ago. And Lauren walks in. Did Vex know this all along as well and has he been using everyone to his own ends?

Apparently, it was foretold with the death of the Una Mens that the power of the origin seed would be created and the precipice would rise, and it’s Bo he’s after. Tamsin reads that should the first curse fail then a second one was placed on Rainer to die after seven days on earth. His time is running out — he’s already on day six, and it can only be broken by his enemy’s blood, Trick? They think the clue is in the tarot card and when Bo burns it MMXV appear like before, 2015 or 8.15?

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Lauren unearthed some damning information about Rainer in a history book and learns that after a thousand years the fanged, horned beast will be unbound and he is called Rainer. Gotcha. So is he just using Bo to break the curse and free himself so he can betray his own kind? She also overhears the Morrigan talking to someone, who we see is Trick, and saying that they would all be better off if the succubus was dead. Trick tells her that she is not going to kill his granddaughter but Lauren doesn’t hear this part as she is too busy on her way to spill the beans to Bo. Will Bo believe her or think it is sour grapes because Bo loves Rainer now?

Lauren explains that when Rainer’s memory returned, history’s memory of him also returned. But Bo is not buying it. So Lauren reads from the history book and tells her that the warrior shall escape his curse, the Valkyrie shall be reborn, the blood of Zamora shall be spilled. Sounding familiar? Between the warrior and the queen one shall die, just as I thought Rainer is trying to sacrifice Bo to save himself and she helped him get off that train. Bo doesn’t believe Lauren and accuses her of playing around digging up shit on the man intertwined with her destiny, instead of being with Kenzi in her hour of need.

Bo, Rainer and Rosetta the knight go to a spiritual center and the building number is 2015. It houses the sisters of horses. Rosetta says Sister Apona attacked her when she first arrived in Bo’s world. Sister Apona is protecting the precipice from the succubus as her intentions are unclear and reveals that he is Bo’s father. In order for Rainer to live he has to be aligned with Bo but the downside is that her father will also be released. Why is he imprisoned? Is this another secret Trick is keeping? Although Bo does remember seeing horses when her daddy was holding her during the dawning and on more than one occasion has been haunted by carousels.

Bo, Dyson and Tamsin are Back at the Dal and reading the Zamoran family code that Hale left to Dyson. It has a poem which also has a family crest from the Order of the Knights of Rainer. Tamsin tells them it’s not just any queen it is the queen bee. And the queen doesn’t just mean the queen, like dead isn’t really dead, it means Bo is the one.

Kenzi is feeling alone and abandoned and wants Bo to unclaim her but Bo refuses, at first. But then she lets her go. Kenzi is feeling left out as everyone is mentioned in the history books apart from the weak stupid human. And that annoying Rosetta keeps appearing at the worst moments. Kenzi leaves. I’m sure she will be back though, this can’t be her last appearance this season.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Bo is certainly getting around this week, she is now back at the spiritual center with Rainer and Rosetta looking for the thing she isn’t supposed to find when they are attacked by Sister Apona. While Rosetta is holding her off, Bo and Rainer try to find what they are looking for. They find it and as Apona dies she says something about hand fasting. Bo thinks this means she and Rainer are supposed to get married.

It’s not long before Bo and Rainer bind themselves together but she tells him it’s not about love but what is right for her family. He tells her they are to join together to fight for the future of the Fae and, for the record, he loves her. Well, I say he can’t have her, she is Dyson’s. Rosetta starts laughing like an hysterical mad woman and reveals she has betrayed them. She has tricked them into releasing the Dark Lord from the darkness to gain everlasting life and powers of her own but she is dragged into the fire by a power beyond her control and now Bo worries about what they have done. A little too late, in my opinion.

After Bo and Lauren’s fight, Lauren jumped into bed with the Morrigan and tells her she wants to officially join the dark Fae. What game is she playing? Is she trying to pay Bo back or get information to help them in their fight? After they have done the deed, no pizza and beers this time, Evony wonders why she is feeling so weird and Lauren tells her that she has been transformed into a human. What the Fae is going on? Is that what Lauren used the lip film for, after she kissed Evony in “Of All the Gin Joints?” Evony tries to use her powers but it doesn’t work and so she tries to get to Lauren back by saying that Bo has a soft spot for humans and her luck may be in. Lauren retaliates by saying that if Evony’s body doesn’t accept the changes she could be dead within an hour.

Massimo now has Lauren captive, it’s certainly all going off this week, and tells her she is going to help him get his mother everything she wanted. And then he threatens to eat the origin seed to give him the combined power of the Una Mens.

Fae-vorite lines

“I don’t give a shit about prophecies, precipes or seeds.”

“Everything I do is for you.”

“Where were you? Playing around in the dark archives digging up shit.”

“I chose you and you broke my heart.”

“You don’t like me much do you horse whisperer.”

The season four finale for Lost Girl airs Monday night at 10/9c on Syfy.

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