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Revenge: A is for Agendas and “Addiction” 

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

What is everyone’s agenda? Instead of a full recap, let’s break down each character:

Emily – Well the whole show is based on the fact she wants revenge on the Graysons and anyone who betrayed her father. She has her sights now set on Pascal since he is a new part of the equation of Revenge. She realizes when she is speaking to him alone that he is taping her and that someone is working with him.

Victoria – She wants to know what Emily is really after. And she wants Grayson Manor, which she got back from Pascal via Conrad.

Conrad – Not sure exactly what he wants or what exactly he is trying to do but whatever it is? You can be sure it’s evil.

Daniel – He wants to hurt Emily the way she hurt him, by any means necessary. Even if it means using people he cares about. (i.e. Charlotte, Margaux, etc.)

Nolan – He wants to help Emily and also wants to find his next project. Is his prison friend, Javier, going to help him with that project or is Javier going to cause him some problems?

Jack – He just wants to be happy. Also he wants to help Emily get back at the Graysons for all they did to her and his newfound mother. Plus he wants to live and be with Margaux. He really wants the best for her.

Margaux – I’m not sure what her real agenda is but right now she wants Jack and her magazine. She wants to be independent from her father which she is able to do since she blackmails him. She also wants Jack and when she is offered a chance to be the Editor of the magazine in Rome, he doesn’t want her to give up her dreams. (Which the guy really means)  Unfortunately, Daniel manipulates her to thinking that Emily will come between her and Jack.  Is she really naïve that the men in her life work her (except for Jack) or is she playing dumb because of something bigger?

Stevie – I think that she just wants to get to know her son and grandson. She wants to make things right, but will her drinking get in the way of that?

Charlotte – I’m not really sure what she wants but she seems to be attracted to Nolan’s new friend, Javier.

Javier – This computer genius has got to be up to something but I can’t get a read on the character yet.  He has a quite the thing for Charlotte though.  (A little creepy using her as an avatar, don’t you think?)

Pascal – His goal seems to be to get Victoria back. Apparently he had cheated on her in the past and then Victoria was with Conrad.  Pascal even gets into “business” with Conrad in order to get Victoria. Conrad tells Victoria that he is jealous that Pascal wants her.  Of course that makes Victoria go right into Pascal’s arms. Conrad is no dummy!

Aiden – He wants to be rid of Emily which he seems to make clear when she comes to see him in the Caribbean. She asks for his help with a letter she found from Pascal. He rips it up and she leaves. At the end of the episode the initials that were in the letter (that Aiden taped up because he can’t leave things alone) are the initials of Aiden’s father, Trevor Warren Mathis.  (Cue the duh, dunt, da music!)

When will everyone know who Emily is? Will it be at the end of the season because how long can this Revenge plot go on before her enemies know who she is? We will have to see.

Revenge airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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