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Lost Girl “End of a Line” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

I’m still not convinced Bo is the real Bo, something seems a little off, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Apart from the fact that she has totally dropped everyone for Rainer and saying that after Dyson gave away his love he was a complete a-hole and that Lauren is in cahoots with the Morrigan. She has also dropped Kenzi like a hot potato and then has the nerve to look horrified when she thought Kenzi might be moving in with Hale.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Linda Hamilton is back as Acacia, saving Bo just in the nick of time from a zombie, complete with a new hand courtesy of Massimo. I thought he was dead! Acacia tells Bo that Rainer’s crows cut off her hand when Tamsin didn’t deliver Bo to him. Bo is already making excuses for him saying that Hugin and Munin betrayed him and were probably working alone. I don’t think so.

Acacia is now a revenant hunter — revenant are dead Fae sent back to settle old scores. And this one has a Wanderer card in his pocket. Bo refuses to believe that Rainer sent him even though he went off to the battlefield to pay his respects to the dead. The perfect place to send revenants back from, and she will prove it by taking Tamsin and Acacia there.

They arrive in the place where the “Cult of the Dead” hang out and are met with another revenant trying to take them out. But they’re saved in the nick of time by Dyson ripping his head off. Bo thanks Dyson for coming but he snubs her by saying he came because his partner called. Tamsin sends Bo off with Acacia and Bo looks lost for a minute, but this is of her own doing. Acacia and Bo take the severed head to Harvey and Bo uses her charms on him. He drains the blood from the head and drinks it to gain dominion over the revenant and Tells them that the revenant belongs to Acacia.

Dyson and Tamsin are accosted by a man talking gibberish but he says something that gets Dyson’s interest. There were three sisters who were all magic and only one survived because she controlled the dead. Acacia or someone else?

Tamsin confesses to Acacia that since the Wanderer got off the train she has been remembering things. Like how she gave Rainer’s soul to the Blood King after the great rebellion and they come to the conclusion that Rainer’s revenants are after Tamsin.  Just what is Acacia up to?

They eventually arrive at Leveau’s who is a voodoo priestess, this reminds me a little of the place Bo and Tamsin during the dawning. She can see that Bo took out the High Council of Hate and that Dyson felt that crazy kind of love and tells him the prison is of his own making. Leveau says the Devil’s horse, the Pyrippus that Trick was looking at, is coming and Bo has what she seeks to protect herself. She wants the sixth Una Mens seed. They take Leveau and head back to Harvey but turns out he was in on it with Leveau and they are suddenly under attack by revenants. Leveau tells Bo to give her the Una Mens seed or die and with that Bo rips her head off as she is also really dead. Bo reluctantly drinks the blood from Leveau’s head to gain dominion over her and stop the zombie attack.

Back at the Dal, Dyson tells Bo that none of them really know Rainer and that even though he will always help her and be by her side, if Rainer turns out to be a bad guy, he doesn’t think he can help her with that. Bo says she would have always stood by him…when she was in love with him…but you can’t always choose your path. Dyson tells her she seems to. Bitter much?

It turns out Acacia planted the Wanderer card so that Tamsin would get her team to take the Wanderer out. Tamsin says she doesn’t kill anymore but if Rainer is what she thinks he is she will slit his throat herself. Acacia asks her what she is going to do, find herself a wolf and squeeze a couple of puppies out. Acacia tells her to be on her guard as Massimo is up to no good, Tamsin thought, like us, he was dead but apparently dead doesn’t always mean dead.

Bo and Tamsin catch up with each other and Bo is just telling her she has questions for Rainer but that she can’t help how she feels when the book opens and Rainer’s face appears on an empty page. Tamsin asks who the hottie is and Bo says it’s Rainer, your boss. Tasmin says it isn’t her boss. So who is it and is the Wanderer someone completely different and is just using both Bo and Rainer?

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Kenzi is expecting Hale and when there is a knock at the door is surprised to find her cousin Dimitri and her mother outside. They are catching up over some home baking when Hale turns up. Kenzi tries to get rid of him but turns out he invited them. Kenzi’s mom tries to apologize for her behavior when Kenzi was a little girl and choosing her man over her daughter. I should think so too.

They are sitting around having dinner when Hale gets down on one knee to propose and just at the crucial ring moment arrives, her cousin’s phone rings and it turns out Kenzi’s mother lied to her and her boyfriend is still in the picture. Kenzi throws them out and her mother goes to strike her. Kenzi thought all those years her mother was scared but she was just a coward who didn’t value anyone let alone her own children. Does that mean Kenzi has siblings?

Kenzi confesses to Hale that she doesn’t want to be like her mother and says they need to take it slow. Hale thinks she is letting him down gently but she tells him she is not about to let him slip through her fingers.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Bo and Kenzi finally seem to be in the same place for a change, I miss their unique relationship that seems to have disappeared this season, and Kenzi is showing off her engagement ring to Bo. Bo goes off to get snacks and wine and while Kenzi is alone Massimo shows up, beats her up and tells her that she is just a pathetic little human just like him. I knew it! Hale appears to save her and flattens Massimo with a few punches and his siren whistle but his ear is bleeding again and he ends up getting a knife through his heart for his trouble. Massimo defeats him using the twig of Zamora, which makes him immortal, ironically Kenzi gave him this to pay for her sparkle dust. As Massimo leaves he tells her her debt is paid in full.

Hale’s dying words are to tell Kenzi that he loves her and Kenzi’s acting for this scene broke my heart, I felt her pain. Bo returns to find Kenzi cradling a dead Hale and she begs Bo to use her chi to bring him back. But there isn’t enough chi in the room to do that and it will kill Kenzi.  A crying and inconsolable Kenzi tells Bo she wanted to say yes.

But dead isn’t really dead is it? Let’s hope that applies to Hale and by some miracle he returns at some point.

While all this is going on Trick’s feeling melancholy and summons Vex and tells him he knows Rainer of old and used his blood to try and outsmart the Wanderer as he was always ten steps ahead. He also tells Vex that his father was one of his best Generals. Trick and Vex seem to have bonded over tales of his father when Trick’s books start moving of their own free will and Trick says that Rainer is being written back into history. Trick confesses that the seed has been stolen and thinks Vex has it. Vex takes offence and departs. Do we think Vex has it? I’m not so sure.

Fae-vorite Lines

“Sorry I’m late, traffic was a bitch.”

“Hands off the leather.”

“Woah, put those away, Sir.”

Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy.


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