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The Walking Dead Season Finale: Our Top 5 Predictions 

Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: AMC

It’s The Walking Dead season finale time, and the tongues are wagging with all sorts of speculation and predictions.  AMC and the Executive Producers are being pretty tight-lipped on the details of the finale, only saying that it’s going to be “shocking” and is going to “push Rick to his limits”.  The US Promo unfortunately offered very few clues, which according to Chris Hardwick on The Talking Dead was done purposely because providing any more would give too much away.  So, what do we think is in store for the season four finale?  Here’s our top five predictions:

[WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead, both from the TV show and comic book series]

US Promos

1.  First half will be “savage” with Rick confronting Joe’s group of marauders

In the comic book series, there is a group of marauders who crosses paths with Rick, Carl, and Abraham.  One of the bandits attempt to rape Carl, and Rick goes completely postal, ripping out the guy’s throat with his own teeth, and brutally killing the other guy even as he begs for mercy.

There wasn’t much in the US Promo, but fortunately, a New Zealand promo made it on the Internet, and this promo shows clips that make it very likely these  intense scenes will play out in the finale.  Joe’s Claimers will be the “marauders”, and the only real difference is Michonne will take the place of Abraham in the scenes.

Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: AMC

2.  Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl make it to Terminus

In the New Zealand promo, we see Rick, Carl, and Michonne arriving at Terminus and being greeted by its presumed leader, Gareth (portrayed by Andrew West, Greek).  However, in another promo, we also see Daryl at Terminus with his crossbow drawn.  It is unknown whether Daryl arrives with Rick, Carl, and Michonne or separately.

Also, Daryl is shown with scratches on his face and a black-eye, which indicates Rick’s run-in with Joe’s Claimers (and also Daryl)  probably comes first in the episode.

Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: AMC

3.  Terminus will not be what it seems

Gee, you think?  As we said, Rick, Carl, and Michonne arrive at Terminus and are met by Gareth.  We see Rick holding a gun on one of the people from Terminus and then,  Gareth giving a hand signal to open fire.  Immediately after that, Rick tells Carl to run, and we see snipers on the roof who begin firing.

Most fans who are familiar with the comics predict that Terminus will be the home of the Hunters/Cannibals.  And, that creepy ending in last week’s episode with meat grilling on the barbecue, and the survivors immediately being offered a plate of food seems to at least imply that.  I think there is a good possibility that cannibalism is practiced at Terminus, but I believe there may be more to the story than that.

Either way, Terminus isn’t the rose garden that it promises.

4.  We will see Beth and the rest of the survivors

And, NO, I don’t think Beth was barbecuing on that grill in last Sunday’s episode.  And, NO, I don’t think we will see her beheaded, missing limbs, or any of the other gruesome combinations that fans have been speculating about.  However, not at least revisiting Beth’s fate before the end of the season and trying to carry that over to season 5 I think would be a big stretch.  Other storylines, like Eugene’s mission to Washington D.C., will likely take front and center going into season five, and I can’t see us spending a good deal of time searching for Beth like we did for Sophia in season two.

Also, judging from a photo released by AMC, it appears we will see the rest of the survivors who arrived at Terminus in last week’s episode.

Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: AMC

In this photo, we see Sasha on the left, and Glenn on the right (Tara may also be next to Glenn, but not sure about that).  Granted, this photo doesn’t include everyone, but at least it looks like we are not going to be left hanging on where Glenn and Abraham’s groups are.

5.  If anyone major dies, it will be Daryl Dixon

I actually never thought I would believe this.  Daryl is by far the fan favorite, and so, obviously the vast majority thinks he is safe.

At the same time, I have believed that if Daryl were to be killed, it would never be by walkers.  Ever.  Instead, it would be in a situation where he sacrifices himself to save someone else.  And, with the sticky situation that he’s in by joining Joe’s Claimers and with their gunning for Rick, I think it’s very plausible he could be martyred.  No matter how Daryl dies, it would suck, but at least this would be a glorious death.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Of course, it could be that Terminus turns out to be a paradise and everyone lives and reunites.  Possible, but not very likely.

What does everyone else think? Chime in with your predictions below in the comments!

The season 4 finale of The Walking Dead airs Sunday night at 9/8c on AMC.

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