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Lost Girl “Waves” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

“Waves” opens with Bo hearing voices in her head and as always is fighting conflicts of a personal nature and Rainer aka The Wanderer seems to have Bo involved in something that is not good judging by the blood smeared on her face. But more on that later.

Cut to a swimming pool, and I have to confess I have a strange fear of horrible things happening in swimming pools and this episode has only enforced that irrational fear. Especially when unexplained waves (hence the title) can chop off people’s legs. I’m never swimming again!

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Dyson, Lauren and Kenzi are still smarting from Bo’s apparent defection but are soon caught up in the latest case Kenzi has found. Their legless client is a Fae orphan pixie brought up by humans and Dyson thinks her accident is an inside job. She has Dyson and Kenzi set up with fake corporate profiles to investigate her accident. Dyson as a mail man — somehow I just don’t think that is his calling — is attracting some admiring glances and Kenzi is attracting suspicious ones from the security guard. Dyson’s mission to get close to Derren Clare to find out what his latest research may be…isn’t going too well.

Kenzi gets her vent on and finds legs, lots and lots of legs of all shapes and sizes and a strange means of post collection for Derren Clare. I thought to begin with that he didn’t really exist as she finds a letter for his assistant’s medical bills for some unpronounceable condition. Meanwhile Dyson is checking out the salt water pool and finds pearls in the filtration system. Upon further examination Lauren discovers the pearl is actually a crystallised salt deposit. I’m not sure what that is but it seems to have Lauren and Dyson running scared and they tell Kenzi that she needs to get out of there. It’s Mermaids which are apparently worse than flesh eaters and Sharknado.  Go figure. I don’t see the comparison really but I’m sure all will be revealed.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Dyson sees them as the psychopaths of the sea and after being convinced they need to get rid of them he tells Kenzi that they could be anywhere. Kenzi is on a one-woman mission to flush out the mermaids and it would appear that Derren Clare’s assistant also has no legs. A familiar theme running through this episode. When Derren saved him from a Fae worse than death he made it his mission to protect his boss and make sure that no one gets in his way.

Whilst snooping Kenzi is caught in the act and is attacked by a merman. Cue Derren Clare who said the letters Kenzi has he never got and that his sister is coming to kill him. He seems to know nothing about Diana losing her legs so this brings me back to his assistant. Is he trying to find a new pair of legs for himself? But he tells Kenzi his sister is looking for legs but apparently doesn’t know how to attach them. He also says that all his donors have been willing and signed donor cards. Lauren is taking a dip in the hope of enticing the mermaid out and Dyson is on hand to assist when they flush her out.

Using an underwater soundwave ruins her cover and Dyson grabs her by the tail. She tells them they have a year with legs to explore the world before returning to the mermaid life, much like the Amish, but her brother Derren managed to make his permanent and left her behind. As she starts to cry, it creates another crystallized salt deposit which she has been sending to her brother and when she has created her eighteenth she can take someone’s life. But her sister, Diana I presume, was supposed to be getting their brother to come back which is why she took her legs as they had both left her.

Kenzi is alone with Derren and Diana and is destined to be her new bottom half. But just in the nick of time Dyson and Lauren burst in but they are already deciding who will get whose legs to live a life on land. Nice. Lauren dissolves them with tap water and saves the day. Kenzi confesses she is worried about Bo and with good reason I think.

I said earlier Bo’s “apparent defection” because I don’t believe she thinks Rainer is her destiny.  She is just looking for answers and saving him willingly from the Death Train may go some way to giving her some. Hopefully. Bo doesn’t seem to be convinced that she has done the right thing and just what did they do? Flashback to the Death Train and Rainier seems to be bored with the various brunettes he has pretended to court, got bored of and sent away. Why was he trapped on the train and why did Bo have to save him? And he said she could get off at the next stop so she must have chose to stay on the train?

But then we see her trying to get off the train so I’m a little more confused. However, the next stop isn’t for three days and if she jumps before then she will evaporate and if she leaves without an elemental, she will get transcendental sickness and die. Not much of a choice really.

Rainer tells Bo he had nothing to do with bringing her to the train but seems perturbed when he realizes that Bo knows his name. When he discovers she is an unaligned succubus he tells her that’s impossible and reveals that his memory is his curse. Rainer used to have foresight in battle and wanted to put it to good use to end light and dark Fae conflicts but can’t remember why he is on the train; who cursed him; and why they took his power.

Bo remembers a childhood memory from when she was 7 and Rainer seems to know something about it but then he wants her to get off the train before she misses the stop.  Did Trick take his memories to prevent him from telling everyone the things he has done as the Blood King?

Maybe I was wrong. Bo seems to be quite comfortably post coital with Rainer but to give her her due, she is concerned about her friends being safe. He tells her that when Dyson and Kenzi find the compass they will remember her and she won’t remember him. So she put the clues in place so that she could find her way back to Rainer and signed a contract with the Dark in case all the other clues failed and promised to save him and get his memory and power back.

Bo and Rainer visit the Una Mens but they tell him that he has too much power for a rebel. And when Bo is accused of blasphemy they tell her they will kill her friends and family while she watches to make her suffer.  The Una Mens tells her that if she does this she will suffer beyond her worst nightmares but with Rainer’s help she finishes them off. Hence the start of the episode when she has blood on her face and is hearing the voices. I feel that this will bring bad, bad things upon them.

Trick appears a little too late and tells Bo she mustn’t slay the Una Mens as their power will be massed into a single seed.  The seed which has been stolen from him and in the wrong hands will be fatal. Too late.

Fae-vorite lines

“If this goes aliens I’m Sigourney Weaver-ing out of there.”

“We’ve gotta have George Michael Faith, the Faith, the Faith-errr.”

“You get the doctor’s, Diana gets the squirmy ones and I upgrade to wolf legs.”

Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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