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Revenge “Disgrace” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

What happens in the FauxHamptons this week?  Well a few things:

-Emily tracks down Stevie after her AA meeting but Jack is there also. He asks her to keep Stevie out of her revenge plans and to let him have one thing. (Jack needs a hug)

-Emily realizes Stevie only visited her father once in prison and used her maiden name so it wouldn’t get back to the Graysons. (Is Stevie a good witch or a bad witch?)

-Daniel and Victoria try to blackmail Emily with pictures of her kissing Aiden. When she mentions Daniel is the one that shot her, the response is that she has already told the press Lydia did it. So she gives them a preview of her sob story and how the Graysons made her say Lydia was the one that shot her and how she’s forgiven Daniel for so many things. And of course how could anyone blame her for finding comfort in someone else’s arms? (That Emily is good) Daniel and Victoria realize they have to find another way. Victoria does hire the private detective that Daniel enlisted to keep digging for information on Emily. She thinks Emily is targeting her family. (At least she has that part right)

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

-Everyone’s invited to the opening of the opera. Margaux’s father, Pascal (played by Oliver Martinez), is in town and joins her, Jack and Stevie. Margaux has brought her father to the Hamptons to get rid of Conrad. Pascal seems to have an odd relationship with Conrad. In fact, he is the one that introduced Victoria and Conrad to each other. I believe this is something Pascal regrets because he tries to pursue Victoria who is not having it. He even buys her a beautiful dress for the opera which she ends up wearing. Does this mean that Pascal has a chance with her? Hmm…

-Nolan comes home and finds Javier, someone he met while he was in prison, getting a beer.  He tells him he can stay for one night but Javier makes it so he is on house arrest at Nolan’s.  I want to know who this guy is and what is his agenda?

-Stevie notices pictures of Emily in Jack and Amanda’s wedding photos. She goes to Emily and says she wants to know who she is. She wants to get the Graysons for Amanda and her father. Stevie believes David Clarke is innocent. She wants to help get justice but Emily refuses for Jack’s sake.

– Stevie tells Jack that she received a piece of evidence at the firm she was working for but right after she met with David Clarke she got a DUI because of her blood alcohol level. She was disbarred and set up by Conrad. The firm kept the evidence and all of Stevie’s files. This changes Jack’s mind about getting involved. He enlists Nolan’s help to get into Stevie’s old firm and obtain the evidence they need for Emily.

-Margaux asks her father to leave but Conrad informs them both that he knows Pascal covered up the fact that Margaux’s magazine is not doing as well as she thought. He blackmails Pascal into doing business with him and not only uses that but also Victoria. Margaux is furious and she goes to Daniel and asks him if he is ready to go.


Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-Meanwhile at the opera, everything is fake and polite. While they are sitting in their balcony seats, Charlotte, who is in charge of the gossip section for the magazine, gets a text that has Emily’s medical records saying she faked her pregnancy. Victoria makes a big scene and Emily runs out like she is “disgraced.”  But we find out she is the one who planted the story so that the Graysons think they have won.

-Jack tells Emily he wants to help her and she doesn’t have a say in it. Emily lets him know Pascal is part of the evidence Jack found and that’s why she doesn’t want him to be a part of it. Pascal is Emily’s next target. (Poor Jack! The guy just can’t get a break.)

Does anyone else find Pascal a little unnerving? I don’t understand his agenda at all and why he is so mean to his daughter. What does Stevie really know? Does Javier have Nolan’s next big project or is he going to screw him over like others have done? Is Victoria going to fall for Pascal or is there more at play?

One correction note: In last week’s blog I mentioned that this week’s episode was called Wild Card but I clearly was incorrect so sorry about that.  Have a great week!

Revenge airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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