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Moment of Goodness

Once Upon A Time “The Tower” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

This episode gave us a big piece of the puzzle, even though we’re a long way from seeing the finished picture. In the flashbacks to life in the Enchanted Forest, we see Prince Charming struggling with internal angst over becoming a father again. I have always admired the stroke of brilliance this show displayed when it took the black & white, good & evil fairy tale characters we knew and loved as children and infused them with character flaws in myriad shades of gray. I find it quite interesting that these human fallibilities carried over in their return to the fairy tale world. That Charming has doubts fits well with this paradigm, and I suppose drinking and drug use isn’t much of a stretch. Fortunately for him, there is another who has already tried the night root he plans to use, and it turns out to be Rapunzel.

Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

She stands as forewarning to the risks involved with easy solutions and quick fixes, as she has been held captive by her own fear for years. In helping Rapunzel overcome the fear that has ruled her life, we can better understand how and why David is made to face his own fear in Storybrook. On a side note, Rapunzel’s hair must also be a totem of courage now. I hope she used the excess braid to stuff a pillow or accent a dress, it sounds like she might need her courage near at hand to rule her kingdom. Also, the Enchanted Forest must have great cell coverage, since Charming was able to get Snow White, Belle and Robin Hood together with Rapunzel’s parents (whom we can assume none of them have ever met) before he himself returned from Sherwood Forest with Rapunzel.

Am I wrong in thinking that gold-tipped arrows are the WORST reward ever? You can’t shoot them because gold is too pliable to make a useful arrowhead, and I imagine that spending them might cause problems as well when one enters the store armed with a bow and whips out an arrow at the cash register. Any self-respecting shop proprietor would certainly hit the silent alarm at that sight.  I feel kind of bad for Robin Hood.

Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

Zelena has so many tricks up her flared sleeve it’s hard to know which to focus on. She is keeping Mr. Gold captive, spinning away in her storm cellar. He is clearly struggling with his sanity, but having Zelena give him a shave seems to snap him out of it. And he’s right to be suspicious of her motives, since she “accidentally” nicks his face with his own dagger and then saves the blood on her thumb for later use. We soon see she needs his blood to access the safe in his pawn shop to retrieve the night root she plans to use on David. So the question then becomes, why does she need David to face his fear? Her goal is to get his sword hilt, now a totem of his courage. We know from the Oz tales that courage is an important theme, but why does she need it?  Does she have some foreknowledge of her dismal future in Oz? Will she try to usurp the Wizard’s leadership, or befriend the cowardly lion before Dorothy ever meets him? Or, worst of all, could the baby Mary Margaret is carrying actually be Dorothy herself? After all, the child is clearly important to Zelena. I have a feeling that if something isn’t done soon, Snow White and Prince Charming are about to lose another daughter.

In Storybrook Emma is tasked with finding the Wicked Witch, and she finds the hideout with surprising ease. Holly berries at the edge of the forest lead directly to a Kansas style farmhouse, complete with storm cellar out back that, as we’ve seen earlier, is where Zelena is holding Mr. Gold captive. Although nobody is home at the moment, this is certainly the place. It’s interesting to think of her living in the house that may eventually kill her sister, and I am eager to see how this storyline plays out. Also, how wonderful to see Miss Gulch’s bike on the porch! Now I’m curious to know if that’s the last name Zelena is using in Storybrook. It would make sense, after all.

Moment of Goodness: Daddy daughter dance 

I have no doubt that the moment of goodness in this episode is the same for us all. Emma, in the castle, dressed for the ball. Sure, it’s just a dream, but it’s every girl’s wish to be a real princess, isn’t it? And her gripe is one that most princesses can relate to:  “A full-grown princess still living in her nursery? I don’t even have a proper vanity!” Ah yes, Disney marketing department, prepare to add “Princess Emma” vanity sets to your merchandise line. With accessories, of course. Superpower Shampoo, Curse-Breaker Cream, Bounty Hunter Balm, and Poison Apple Turnover Polish. Well played, Disney, well played.

Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.

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  1. MByerly

    In some early societies, gold was seen as a symbol of purity and goodness since it didn’t change like other metals which tarnished or rusted. I imagine a gold arrow will be a first-rate evil monster and witch killer in this story.

    And didn’t Robin Hood win a gold arrow in the archery contest in the original Robin Hood stories?

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