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20 Signs Your Bromance May Have Crossed the Line (Exemplified by Psych’s Shawn & Gus) 

Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network
Photo Credit: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Millions of people every year are guilty of tuning in and vicariously living through the TV relationships of America’s sweethearts. In the past few decades, we’ve lived and loved with couples like Summer and Seth, Joey and Pacey, Carrie and Big, and Meredith and McDreamy, just to name a few. However, over the years, the relationships we’ve fallen in love with have taken on a different look with pairs like Troy and Abed, Cory and Shawn, House and Wilson, and, of course, Shawn and Gus. That’s right, I’m talking about the bromance!

Unlike romantic relationships, in which the leads always say something swoon-worthy and use grand gestures to pronounce their love for one another, bromances actually exist in the real world. We all know “those guys” that don’t seem to do anything without the other: they finish each other’s sentences, have endless inside jokes, and know far too much about one another to function as two separate entities. While “those guys” are endearing and occasionally entertaining, there is such a thing as friends being too close. If you are reading this and wondering if you and your bestie have gone from being known as “those guys” to “those creepy guys,” then forward this link to your friend and continue reading.

Using Shawn and Gus’ relationship as an example, here are 20 signs your bromance may have gone too far. Enjoy, Psych-O’s!

You have BROtastic pet names for one another.

When they want the truth, your parents go through your BROchacho.

When you meet his new girlfriend, your questioning is more intense than an FBI interrogation because you’re BROverprotective .

You exploit your BROmigo’s weaknesses to get your way.

You consider it a BROtrayal if the other gets a girlfriend.

You can have entire conBROsations by reading each other’s mind.

When you go away on vacation with your girlfriend, your main man feels BRObandoned.

You BROhave like twelve-year-olds around each other.

When invited to the best and most BROnificent parties, you use your +1s on each other instead of your girlfriends.

You have sleepBROvers complete with gossip and pillow fights.

You think the most BROmantic proposal would be incomplete without both your girlfriend and BROmeo by your side.

You encourage each other’s insane and unBROfessional theories.

You have rehearsed multiple scenarios that can be used to escape if you and your BROseph get stuck in a difficult situation.

You have special traditions and these BROccasions can’t be shared with your girlfriend.

You get BROtally jealous of your buddy’s new girlfriend.

You invade (and attempt to change the name of) your BFF’s college acapella BROformance group because you can’t stand to be excluded from any aspect of his life.

You go along with each other’s crazy plans, no matter how BROposterous.

You make and wear BROmazing matching outfits.

You never leave a BRO behind, which means you both get into trouble together…a lot.

When you REALLY mess up (like, contaminate a crime scene, perhaps?), instead of calling the police, your BROmosapien becomes your partner in crime and helps you cover it up.

If you and your friend have found yourself in any of these situations and have reacted like Shawn and Gus, it’s time to distance yourselves. I promise you, it’s for the best. Afterall, you don’t want to turn into Psych-BROs! Or do you?

The Psych series finale airs Wednesday night at 9/8c on USA Network. And stick around for the Psych After Pshow that airs at 10/9c.

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