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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Heartbreak: The Good Wife’s Shocking Exit [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: CBS
Photo Credit: CBS

WARNING: Major spoilers for this week’s episode of The Good Wife

I thought I was going to be ready for what happened on the latest Good Wife. You see, a few of my friends texted me and gave me the heads up. They told me 1. Something huge was going down. 2. I needed to make sure to watch immediately and not wait for the next day or later in the week. 3. Whatever I did I had to stay off social media.

Needless to say, I was scared. And, for the record, I’m glad I stayed off Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. So glad.

I figured The Good Wife‘s shocking event was going to be a major death. My mind immediately tried to figure out who it was going to be. Peter? Kalinda? Cary? For some reason, I never thought it was going to be Will. So while I was somewhat prepared for this big loss. I really wasn’t. Losing Will in that courtroom rampage was beyond upsetting and heartbreaking. While I didn’t quite ugly cry, I did shed some tears.

Dramatics, Your Honor
Photo Credit: CBS

The loss of Will is massive but it’s certainly a death that will generate a ton of drama and stories for however long the show wants. The character affected so many people. Everyone at Lockhart Gardner, especially Diane and Kalinda. And of course, there’s Alicia. She and Will had a nice moment or two before Will was taken in such brutal fashion. They had a special spark that burned bright in good times and bad. Their transition from allies to adversaries was inspired. They made fabulous enemies and everything they went through this season was painful and exciting and so amazing to watch. Now I’m sad there aren’t going to be any more chances to see Will face down pesky prosecuting attorneys, quirky judges, scheming partners and Alicia Florrick.

As for Josh Charles, I’m crushed he’s no longer a Good Wife cast member. Even knowing it was his choice, I can’t help but be sad we lost him right when he was doing some of the best work of his career. Alicia and Cary’s split from Lockhart Gardner was a gripping, well written, well acted story. And it had me comparing the CBS series to just about any cable drama out there. I loved seeing Josh play a character who felt betrayed and was ready to do anything to strike back. Will in revenge mode was a beautiful thing even when he went too far. And while I’ve always loved Josh Charles as Will Gardner, I was in awe of him this season.

The Good Wife
Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/CBS

So thank you, Josh, for entertaining us for almost five seasons. Your Will Gardner was a wonderful character and it wasn’t just because of the writing. It was the way you played him. I wish you the best in your future projects.

At the end of the day, Will’s death meant something. And it’s going to create plenty of story. What more can a show ask for? I’m excited to see how Alicia will handle losing her friend, lover and foe. He took a chance on Alicia and gave her a job at Lockhart Gardner. He is somebody Alicia connected with and now that connection is gone. What is she going to do now?

What did you guys think of the way Will went out? What were your favorite Will moments? Let us know.

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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  1. Bruno Saraceno

    Shocking. I’m actually think the fallout from this is going to be more important than the actual death. Looking forward to next week.

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