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The Walking Dead Preview: “Us” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: AMC

Last week’s The Walking Dead departed from its usual theme of terrifying the audience with loads of zombies and the traditional blood and gore.  It highlighted a horrific tragedy that none of us will forget anytime soon.  This week’s penultimate episode appears to return to the routine prior to “The Grove”, focusing on several of the groups of survivors as they make their way to Terminus.  Rick, Carl, and Michonne are back, and Daryl is headed for a bumpy road with his new companions when he discovers they are no more than common bullies and thieves.  Will Joe’s group turn out to be the Marauders from the comic book series, and if so, what will Daryl do about it?

The 2nd preview focuses on Glenn, Tara, and Abraham’s group.  Tara gets cozy with Abraham, as he figures out that she doesn’t really play for the home team, which blows his theory out of the water that she’s following Glenn around because she’s in love with him.  Okay, so Tara is into Rosita, Eugene is into Rosita, and Rosita is into Abraham.  Wow, what a complicated mess.

Will Glenn finally make it to Terminus, and if so, what will he find there?  I have a really bad feeling because, hey, this is The Walking Dead, but they may surprise us.

Photo Credit: AMC
Photo Credit: AMC

What does everyone else think?  Terminus — good or bad?  I have always thought from the get-go that Terminus was just one big trap by “The Hunters” AKA “The Cannibals” that we should know from the comics.  After all, what better way to snarl in your prey by promising a sanctuary and safety, right?  I just hope the group doesn’t arrive at Terminus to find Beth, Tyreese, or worse yet, Judith roasting on a fire!

It is also rumored that there is going to be one more major character death before the end of the season.  Will that happen this week, and if it does, which character do you think will bite it?

The penultimate episode of Season 4 of the Walking Dead airs Sunday night at 9/8c on AMC.

Also, stay tuned afterwards for The Talking Dead, whose guests this week are Josh McDermitt (Dr. Eugene Porter) and Steven Yeun (Glenn).

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