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Revenge “Locked” 

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

 Before I begin I have one thing to say: That Justin Hartley is a nice looking man.  Don’t you think? It’s a Moment of Goodness for sure. Wait. One more look:

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

But I digress….Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Last time on Revenge:  Emily was losing her mind. Last night’s episode, she was still doing that.  We saw her go to her beach house and “knife” and destroy the infinity sign her Dad had carved all those years ago. I thought to myself as I watched that: Emily really is a bit cray cray. But that was just one of many things that went down last night.  Here are some thoughts and things we know (or do we?):

-So after Emily cut up her Dad’s design she went to Nolan because she realized she did it in a blackout. Then she tells Nolan she is going to kill all of them. (Ah, the Graysons better watch out)

-Nolan convinces Aiden somehow to stop Emily. While Emily is breaking into Conrad’s room so she can kill him, Aiden shows up and kidnaps her. He uses techniques that Takada used on them before. Maybe this waterboarding thing isn’t such a bad idea? I mean in a matter of two dunks under water she figured out why she was having the blackouts and that she was mad at her Dad.

-Great flashback: The night before Emily’s Dad is arrested, Victoria is over and is agreeing to run away with him. Emily see them go upstairs and Victoria sees her. She catches her father and Vicky in bed. She begs her father to get away from Victoria. Emily thinks if her father just had listened to her, things would have been very different. She is now “clear” and makes out with Aiden. (Oh and by the way. Daniel hired a private investigator to follow Emily and gets Aiden and Emily kissing in pictures. Yeah, not good)

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

-So last week’s big bombshell that Stevie Grayson is Jack’s biological mother, of course came up again. Jack goes to see Stevie and she tells him how hard it was to leave him and that it’s complicated. He doesn’t care and call her a Grayson. (That is an insult in this world).

-Jack goes and tells Emily that Stevie is his bio mom. She tells him that he should try to give her a chance but be careful at the same time. They have a nice moment and Emily tells Jack she is grateful that he gave her a second chance. (It’s true love, sorry Aiden!) Jack invites Stevie over to meet her grandson.

-Patrick decided to go to Jimmy’s wake (you know the guy he killed last episode to save his Mother. Otherwise known as Patrick’s father who raped Victoria and got her pregnant. Great guy!) The guys at the wake get in a brawl with Patrick and Victoria bails him out of jail.  She tries to tell him he has to move on.

Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC
Photo Credit: Danny Feld/ABC

-Victoria goes to Nolan and tells him that it’s his fault that Patrick is so messed up. (Since Nolan was the one to tell Patrick where to find the guy) Nolan confronts Patrick about what’s going on with him and tells Patrick his favorite artist will be at a big art event that he is chairing and he should come and set up his work.

-Patrick does go to the event and meets the artist who offers him an apprenticeship in Italy. (That wasn’t set up or anything) Patrick decides to go and it’s what Victoria thought was best.  She set it up so he could move on with his life. (Told you it was a set up!)

-Emily realizes that Stevie visited her father in prison after she was disbarred. What did Stevie want from dear old Dad? Why is she in the Hamptons now? If she was disbarred, how can she be practicing law now?

-Side note:  Margaux’s father is coming to NY and it’s part of some plan that Conrad has. Also does anyone else think that Charlotte shouldn’t be spying for Daniel? Maybe it’s just me.

Next week’s episode is called “Wild Card.” Will Emily be found out or will the Graysons think she is someone else completely? Why is Stevie asking her who she really is in the preview?

Hopefully we will get some kind of answers.

Revenge airs Sunday at 10/9c on ABC.

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  1. Heather M

    I had a Q on whether the TPTB goofed the datestamp on the visit to David — was Stevie lying about 19 years? 1997 is 17 years ago…and yes, Hartley is yummy. =)

    And yes, the artist offer/Stevie vendetta at the Art Walk was Captain Obvious. Never thought Nolan and Victoria would unite for good.

    1. Melissa

      Good question. I will have to take a look again and get back to you.

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