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Lost Girl “Groundhog Fae” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

The opening scenes of this episode were hilarious with Bo washing the car with lots of cleavage on show. It certainly got Lauren’s ice cream melting. It was even funnier when Hale clicked his fingers and the music stopped. But they are on a mission to find the missing Hell’s shoe. So far all their attempts have failed.

There is something strange going on at the gas station and we see another customer being shoved into the bonnet of a car but the Fae Team don’t notice this as they are too busy being excited about the Yule holiday.

Kenzi and Trick are at home debating the similarities between Rudolph and the Yule Stag when Lauren and Dyson return from their mission with Hale bringing up the rear. But no Bo. I’m a little surprised that Dyson and Lauren left Bo sleeping in the car. When she does wake up she finds a party in full swing and she is already glammed up. If only it was as easy in the real world!

Kenzi and Hale are in full on together mode and although it’s what I wanted for them I’m finding it a little weird. Bo is upset that Kenzi has her door locked, after all the times she has left Kenzi alone to follow her chi path and now she is upset that Kenzi hasn’t come to check on her. The time loop is getting quicker as Hale’s one liners get worse. And he knows they are on repeat as he says Kenzi and Hale Take 67!  Hale explains to Tamsin and Bo that the loop is part of Krampus’ Yuletide prank where he picks a few Yule fools to repeat the night. He feeds on regret and puts people in the loop so that sooner or later they get into all kinds of trouble. Hale is using this to perfect his one liners although I have to say it is not working out too well for him especially when Kenzi finds out.

Tamsin has reappeared out of nowhere, apologises to Bo for who knows what and says it doesn’t matter as Bo won’t remember any of this in 2 seconds. All the lights flash and Bo is waking up back in the car again. Hence the title of this episode Groundhog Fae. But why is Tamsin part of it? Because she stopped at the same gas station? Bo thinks Trick will have the answers and they find him passed out in the bath. But before they can get his take on the situation the time loop starts again.

Bo notices there is a strange man lurking in the walls and pulling people into it. Is this something to do with the men at the gas station who shoved someone into the car bonnet?  Now he has got Tamsin while she was trying to save Bo and as he has found someone with enough regret to keep him happy Bo and Hale are back on normal time. Bo returns to the gas station looking for Tamsin and finds a trail of the oversized sweets leading her to a large black hole in the bonnet of the car. She finds Tamsin strapped to a conveyor belt ready to be made into candy.  And Bruce who has to wait to be candy as he broke the machine twice.

Tamsin confesses to Bo that she is the reason that the Wanderer found her because she got greedy but she took comfort in the fact that she thought such a person as Bo didn’t exist. She thinks she deserves to be made into candy so that people will like her. Krampus frees Tamsin and Bruce but keeps Bo as she has enough darkness to make candy for centuries. The guilt, the denial, and complex emotions apparently make the best candy. But the truth will set her free. She had better hurry up because that conveyor belt is moving ever closer to making her into candy. Once Bo confesses her fears and that she is scared of who she is, who she will become, of losing her friends, she is suddenly free and outside the car with Tamsin.

While all this was going on Dyson and Lauren have been busy playing drinking games to decide whether they should give Bo the box and neither of them, who both profess to be madly in love with her, have even noticed her absence! What are they hiding from her? Another clue she sent to herself in the future. And now they think it’s a good idea to get Vex’s opinion on the matter. My opinion is if they don’t give it to her when she finds out she will not be happy. A drunken Lauren offers to sew Vex’s hand back on and returns with said hand in a plastic bag and ice. Now Vex is worried that she doesn’t know what she is doing and I have to say I don’t blame him. Dyson and Lauren realise that they don’t actually hate each other anymore and that they are united in their predicament of loving Bo. When Bo and Tamsin return home Lauren has taken Vex to sew his hand back on properly and Kenzi gives Bo the box that she found next to Dyson who was passed out on the bed.  Inside is a jar filled with black smoke.  Has she got the Wanderer trapped?

Fae-vorite Lines

“He is getting a rash. Everywhere!”

“I got to him about 15 repeats ago.”

“Time to get our Yule on.”

“I want to mingle with your tingle like I’m single, girl.”

“If they make me into a lollipop I want you to have the first lick.”

Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy.


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