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Lost Girl “Destiny’s Child” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

That pesky Death Train keeps appearing when you least expect it but on the plus side it seems to be falling apart. As this episode unfolds, I feel that is only going to be a bad thing.

Bo is still on her one-woman mission to find out who the Wanderer is and how she became Dark Fae. When she has convinced everyone that it is a good idea to release the black smoke from the Genie’s Jar, it was not what I was expecting at all.

Cue Hugin, who is a humble servant of the Wanderer and means them no harm. Yeah right, we will see how long that lasts. Hugin is one of the men, along with his brother, who took Bo from The Dal. Bo wants to get back on the train and Hugin offers to help her in return for helping him take revenge on his brother. Dyson and Lauren want to go along for the ride but Hugin will only take Bo.

Just as they disappear in a puff of black smoke Tamsin rocks up at the Dal. Poor old Tamsin always seems to miss the action of late.

Dyson goes off to gather his weapons and his wolf while Lauren gets her science stuff, hidden inside her jacket, and her brains. She looks like she is off to sell them on the beaches of sunnier climates.

Bo and Hugin land in a Fae burial ground where he and his brother used to live! And right on cue the brother appears but summons seven other crow, one of whom is Hugin’s wife who ran off with his brother. But this is not quite true and Hugin has set Bo up and has lured her there to pay back The Wanderer. But Bo, as usual has a back up plan up her sleeve and falls into one of the graves which will apparently take her to hell.

Bo is in an underground cave filled with skulls and bones and meets Leviathan who wants the mark on Bo’s chest which she says she has been looking for, for 600 years. She thinks it should be hers and challenges Bo to a game of riddles to win the mark off of her. Bo answers the first riddle correctly but then must come up with one of her own. She uses her indecision over Dyson and Lauren and asks the Leviathan which one she should choose. After some toning abd froing Levi chooses the man but Bo says this is the wrong answer.  As far as she knows there is no answer and I’m glad about that.  For a minute I thought she had chosen Lauren. I want her to be with Dyson although I am slowly warming to Lauren. The Leviathan lets her go but her parting shot is that she will see Bo again soon as someone she loves will soon be dead.

Bo returns to the surface and the crows are still there planning what to do when The Wanderer is out of the picture. She pushes one of them into a Fae grave and the rest give chase but also end up in graves until there is just Hugin, his wife and his brother left. Bo is outnumbered for a second and then the dynamic duo, Dyson and Lauren show up to save the day.

Bo bargains with the crows and gives them their lives in return for getting her back on the train. Dyson and Lauren want to go with her but she won’t let them risk their lives for her as she loves them too much. She blows a kiss and says catch lover. Lauren tells Dyson the kiss was for her and he says she can just keep telling herself that. I like the fact that they now have friendly banter while vying for Bo’s love.

Meanwhile Trick is hiding something and is hot footing it off somewhere when Kenzi and Tamsin try to stop him. Instead they resort to a time honoured Kenzi tradition, snooping. But once in a while you may just find what you are looking for and in this case Tamsin finds the book that Trick writes in using his own blood. Kenzi is convinced that the answers lie in the book and that they just need to find some of his blood to unlock the secrets.

They find a magical Japanese folding box that legend says was given to a Japanese fisherman by a turtle, who was the cursed daughter of an Emperor. It opens from all sides but the combinations are endless and unless you know the combination you do not open it. They didn’t think it was going to be easy was it to find Trick’s blood did they? Eventually they have exhausted all the combinations and get to the centre of the box and find some vials with Trick’s blood. Kenzi opens the book and pours on some blood and a little more and rubs it in.  But nothing happens. Or so they think but Tamsin is stuck to the book and it seems to have a life of its own.

Tamsin Valkyries out and says something about a soul belonging to her. Flashback to a time when Trick was king and he wouldn’t let Tamsin take a fallen soldiers soul. I don’t like this Trick, he is really quite nasty and says some horrible things to Tamsin. Trick promises to make her beautiful again, to rewrite her path and give her a new life in return for the soul of the soldier to curse him with the words of his blood. For his defiance and arrogance and thinking he could change the laws of the King. Lightbulb moment, this is Rainier who Trick has destined to live a life wandering in eternity as no one will remember his name. Horrible, horrible Trick.

Trick has also reached this conclusion regarding Rainier when Mae is questioning him. I see a side to him that I don’t particularly like. Especially when he says that he loves himself the most as he is the first son of this earth and the one to be worshipped. But I want to believe that he is trying to change that with Isabeau and make up for past wrongdoings that he ordered as the Blood King.

Tamsin faints and when she wakes up she tells Kenzi that whatever she does not to trust Trick.

Bo is back on the train with Rainier, the man that we saw in the opening scene welding with a crown next to him. When he removed his welder mask Bo says he isn’t really what she was expecting. You and me both Bo, you and me both. But they seem to have a moment when they both have their hands on each other that is recognition. Does Bo already know him?

Trick confesses to Dyson and Lauren that Rainier is his mortal enemy but when Bo returns to The Dal with Rainier in tow she tells them that she chose to be dark so that she could get back on the train and release Rainier as he is her true destiny. Whaaaaatttt? Do I believe her or is Rainier in control of her somehow?

Fae-vorite Lines

“You’re our Trickopedia.”

“Dumb as dog shite.”

“He unleashed a shit storm by the name of The Garruda.”

Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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