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Revenge “Payback” 


Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright
Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright

After a long wait, Revenge is back and there is so much going on. I guess we have to break it down:

-Well to refresh our memories…(Haha…I make myself chuckle. Who uses the word chuckle?) Emily started having blackouts so she went to the doctor and had some tests done. The doctor said she had some swelling but would see if that had anything to do with her blackouts.  

-Nolan gets footage from the Southfork Inn and sees that Conrad walked Emily to the door but left and didn’t come back until the next morning. I’m so glad they didn’t actually sleep together because it kind of made my stomach turn.

-Emily also gets a call from Stevie Grayson (Conrad’s first wife, played by Gail O’Grady). Apparently they had a conversation about Stevie representing Emily in her divorce to Daniel. Emily has no idea that they had this conversation.

-Stevie and Emily meet and go over some of the stuff they discussed. Emily says she has changed her mind and totally freaks out. The next thing we see is she is at Nolan’s trying to sleep with Aiden (Well who wouldn’t?). He tells her he is leaving for London and that it’s not going to happen.

-Cut to Aiden getting zapped and kidnapped by Niko who wants to avenge her father’s death. But instead of killing Aiden she is going to make him watch while she kills Emily.Why do I get the feeling there’s a small part of him who might enjoy this a little?

-Stevie realizes that Conrad is behind Emily’s divorce plan and getting Stevie to represent Emily. He also wants to get Victoria where it hurts. Stevie and Victoria have a very unlovely encounter at a clothing store.

-Victoria get a call that the gallery has had a fire. She gets there and finds Patrick and as they are talking the contractor interrupts them. It is Jimmy Brennan, the man who raped her – and is Patrick’s father. She realizes Patrick started the fire to bring Jimmy there and kill him. She tells Patrick to fire him. Patrick hears his father say he had a son but that the mother kept them apart. Patrick decides he wants to get to know his Bio Dad.

-Meanwhile Jack has found a home for himself, Karl and Margaux.  He is happy for now. I’m still not down with Margaux and Jack.

-Now that Daniel has nothing to do he decides to throw Charlotte a huge birthday party. Emily finds herself in the middle of the party as they are singing Happy Birthday.  (These blackouts are a problem). Apparently Emily had told Conrad she didn’t feel safe around Daniel and he suggested the Southfork Inn. Emily needs to find out Conrad’s Master Plan, because clearly he has one.

-Conrad is trying to take over the magazine and Margaux is not happy about it. She decides to go to Paris to confront her father. Conrad also gets Charlotte an internship and Daniel asks her to spy on their Dad. Daniel says that it’s just him and Charlotte against the world. Why do I get the feeling she’s going to turn on him too.

-At the party Victoria looks over and sees Jimmy Brennan talking to Charlotte and gets very upset.  He thinks that Victoria is into him and she is disgusted. I actually felt sorry for Victoria in that moment.

-Nolan shows footage of Emily saying horrible things to him and of course she doesn’t remember any of it. She apologizes and he is okay, but is very worried about her. Nolan tells her that Aiden never made it to his plane. Emily finds a clue left by Niko and goes to find Aiden. Apparently in one of Emily’s blackouts she hid Takada’s sword under Aiden’s bed.  (This is such craziness!) Emily shows up and fights off Niko. She is about to kill her but Aiden stops Emily and they let Niko go.  Aiden is really worried about Emily. (He should be!)

-Victoria goes to the gallery and argues with Patrick. Jimmy overhears the argument and can’t believe he didn’t realize who she was sooner. He puts a hand on Victoria and Patrick slams Jimmy’s head. Of course Patrick wants to call an ambulance but Victoria makes him wait. The police rule it an accident but it doesn’t make Patrick feel better.

-Stevie goes to the Stowaway for a drink. She meets Jack and they bond over their disgust of Conrad Grayson. She is supposed to leave in the morning. She sees Karl and gets a gleam in her eye…

-Nolan and Emily are trying to figure out what is wrong with her. The doctor lets her know that it doesn’t have to do with the swelling on her brain. Nolan points out something that is scary to think about. Is she having a mental break like her mother did back when she was Emily’s age? Or is it something else?

-While Victoria and Conrad are going over their divorce with their lawyers, Stevie walks in and tells Victoria that since Conrad bought Grayson Manor while they were still legally married, the property is hers and she wants Victoria out by the end of the week. She also makes it clear to Conrad that they are not partners in any way.

-Stevie goes back to see Jack and asks about what he knows about Conrad. She also reveals that she is Jack’s mother. (That’s an OMG moment!) So what does this mean for Jack?  Why has his mother stayed away for so long?  What is she doing back now?

What is actually happening to Emily? What is Daniel up too now? What is Conrad’s plan? There are way too many questions! I guess will have to see next time.

Revenge airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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