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The Walking Dead Preview: “Alone” [PHOTOS and VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

We’re five episodes into the 2nd half of season four, and miraculously, no one else has died even though every last character has been faced with one danger right after another since the fall of the prison.  But, with only four episodes left in the season, you can bet this will change soon.  In Sunday’s episode titled “Alone”, focus shifts back to Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Sasha (Sonoqua Martin-Green), and Bob (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.).  Still unable to locate any of the other survivors nor find any adequate shelter, the group is on the verge of running out of ammunition.  That’s not a really good position to be in when you’re stuck in the woods, where a large group of walkers can sneak up on you at any moment.  Will everyone in the group survive to the end of the episode?  And, if not, who will become zombie chow?

There has been lots of discussion about this in The Walking Dead fandom, and most people are guessing Sasha and/or Bob, simply because they are relatively minor characters.  But, keep in mind that it has been said that there will be one more major character death before the end of the season, and while that will likely happen in the penultimate episode or season finale, it certainly could happen here.  If I had to bet on any of the characters biting it, I’d actually put my money on Maggie.  Why?  In the comics, Maggie and Glenn (Steven Yeun) survived for a very long time, and in fact, it was only recently that Glenn was killed off in the comic book series.  Because of that, a good deal of the fans are expecting Maggie to survive.  But, it would not be a very interesting story if the writers used the comics as some sort of “script”, and if they really wanted to shake things up, killing Maggie would certainly do it.  It definitely  would create a mother load of angst with Glenn so desperately looking for his wife and his being so convinced she is alive.

Then, we also have Beth (Emily Kinney), Maggie’s younger sister.  We had a fantastic episode last week that focused on Beth, and it  appears that storyline will continue in Sunday’s episode.  Hershel had several other daughters in the comics, but none of them were named “Beth” (and, the remainder of his daughters were actually killed in the comic book series very early on when they found the prison). Even with the stellar Beth-centric episode last week, people are still betting on Beth biting the big one soon enough.  But, again, you have to have the element of surprise if you want a character death to mean anything to the fans, and killing Maggie but leaving the weaker daughter alive would achieve that.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The only one in this little group that I confidently believe may survive is Bob Stookey.  Yes,  folks, we have a new character named Bob Stookey, which some may have forgotten because he really has not had much airtime.  But, Bob is relatively new, and one that AMC publicized for months before Season 4 premiered.  We’ve barely scratched the surface with this character, and so, I doubt he will draw the short straw.  Plus, if you get past Bob’s issues with the bottle, you will recall that he’s an army medic.  With Hershel now being dead, we need *someone* that has at least some medical knowledge, and Bob could definitely fill that role.

So, what does everyone else think?  Will we have a character death on Sunday, or will they save all of that heartache for the end of the season?

Episode 4.13 “Alone” of The Walking Dead airs on Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.

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