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Therapy with Cami, The Originals “Le Grand Guignol” 

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/The CW
Photo Credit: Skip Bolen/The CW

So this week’s Originals recap is a little late because, if you’re anything like me, you’re still reeling from the powerhouse of an episode and absorbing it all. To which I say, FINALLY. This week’s episode “Le Grand Guignol” may be my favorite of the series so far. It’s the one where everything changes for (mostly) everyone. Klaus is still in revenge mode and determined to put an end to Rebekah. Let’s start there with Klaus and pseudo-therapist Cami. 

I have to say, Cami really is one of my favorites, mainly because she says what everyone is thinking and doesn’t pull any punches. “Klaus, you’re being a selfish jackass.” “Klaus, don’t kill your sister.” “Klaus, you’re acting like a homicidal carbon copy of your father.” (All paraphrasing, of course.) When Elijah called Cami in to play nursemaid to his cursed brother, you know it wouldn’t be long until Klaus was pouring his heart out to her and she would be forcing him to look at himself in real terms. Their exchanges really are my favorite to watch. I’m not sure what kind of golden ticket Cami has that ensures Klaus won’t rip her apart, other than the fact he likes her, but it seems to work. Cami’s valiant effort to make Klaus really look at what he’s about to do to his sister was my rewind-and-repeat moment of the week.

Cami: “When Davina showed me all you did to me, all you took from me, I wanted to kill you. I even thought about burying that blade in you like the witches asked me to. But I didn’t. I stopped. I thought. I weighed the good I see in you versus the horrible things I know you’ve done. And I realized if I hurt you, I’d be filled with a terrible regret. You will too if you hurt your sister. Your sister, Klaus! As a person who has lost a sibling, who has felt that pain, you won’t survive if you’re the one who kills her.”

Klaus: “I’ll tell you what I almost didn’t survive, love. My sister bringing the most vile creature ever to walk the Earth down upon me.”

Cami: “Yes, your father. But by hunting Rebekah and Marcel down to the ends of the Earth, by terrorizing them the way that you, yourself, were terrorized? Don’t become your father.”

Klaus: “You know, I’ve been called every shade of monster, but that’s new. My father? Mikael was the monster monsters were afraid of.”

To which point, I clapped and cheered because someone has to tell Klaus like it is. Perhaps it’s been a millennium of running and appeasing Klaus, but neither Elijah nor Rebekah ever seem up to the task. Cami has a killer way of getting under Klaus’s skin and making him doubt his dictator tactics. While Klaus has clung to the fear of his father, letting it shape every decision and move he’s ever made, Cami gets in there and says “Dude, let it go. Grow up!” She holds a mirror up in front of him and doesn’t let him skate by on a pass because of things that happened over a thousand years ago. Keep it up, Dr. Cami. Maybe your wisdom will sink in at some point.

In other news, the witches suffered a big blow this week. Marcel and Rebekah killed Bastianna and Elijah daggered Celeste, with the help of Monique. Genevieve is still running around and surprise, surprise, little Davina is back! With Davina back in the mix, what will it mean for the Rebekah-Marcel saga? We discovered that almost a hundred years ago, Klaus did give Marcel and Rebekah his blessing, but Papa Mikael had unfortunate timing and literally burned down their chances together. Assuming that Klaus doesn’t kill Rebekah next week, will they get their happy-ever-after?  Me thinks….not so much. It hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention that Marcel loves Davina. Is that a protective kind of love or is Marcel developing real feelings for the teen witch? The fact that he left Rebekah in the cemetery to get Davina to safety is pretty telling….

Speaking of real feelings, Elijah once again sacrificed his own to help Hayley. Hayley drew a line in the sand in this week’s episode, challenging Elijah to either help her end the curse on her family or get out of her way. (You could almost hear her werewolf growl under her words.) Before Celeste’s demise, she drew up a potion that supposedly will undo the curse she placed on the Crescent wolves. Elijah had the opportunity to keep the cure away from Hayley, but being who he is, Elijah took the noble route and gave it back to her.  Even knowing that bringing the Crescent wolves back to human form will lead Hayley away from him, Elijah still can’t refuse her.  As we start to meet the Crescent wolves and the supernatural war heats up, I’m curious to see what side of the battle Hayley will stand with: her newly found family or with the vampire who has her heart and the father of her child?

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