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Cougar Town “Too Much Ain’t Enough” 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Rose Clasen/TBS
Photo Credit: Jennifer Rose Clasen/TBS

I am not a fan of greediness. It’s not something that looks good on most people, especially when those people are already filled with so much wealth that they just continue to be fulfilled in life by increasing that wealth to gigantic amounts just because they can. Greed does not look particularly good on Jules, but that’s not the point. I don’t care that Jules thinks it’s smart to try to sell what she and Andy call “The Guzzle Buddy.” It’s actually a brilliant idea, but it’s only a brilliant idea for the Cul-De-Sac Crew, and not for a normal human being who doesn’t drink excessive amounts of wine like Jules. We know this get-rich-quick scheme isn’t going to be successful, but that’s not the point either.

Introducing something like “The Guzzle Buddy” is the next step in the evolution of drinking accessories Cougar Town has introduced to its passionate audience. Penny Can isn’t a drinking device, but guess what they all do while playing Penny Can? They drink. I love this idea as a plot and there is no better pairing to have in this plot than The Mother of All Wine Drinkers (Jules) and an accountant with an excessive passion to go along with pretty much anything (Andy). Jules truly believes this could be successful because she thinks everyone in the world drinks wine just like her. Andy just goes along with it because this is what Andy does. This plot doesn’t necessarily have a proper ending, but the best part of it is the live infomercial Jules and Andy perform. It’s absolutely hilarious.

Over at Grayson’s Pub, the owner of the bar tries to be cool in front of Travis’ new hipster coworkers. Watching Grayson make a fool of himself always has a few good laughs. I think it helps that he used to be the stuck-up single neighbor to Jules, but now he’s become Jules’ husband and has sort of dialed down that part of him to become goofier like the rest of the male characters on the show. Here he tries to be hip like the hipsters Travis is hanging out with, but he’s completely turned down by all of them. What’s funny is that Tom gets an in with them at the hilarious speak easy setting to Grayson’s dismay. The obvious highlight of this storyline is that speakeasy, and the hipster types that inhabit it. But what this storyline ultimately gets at is the idea of Grayson being a father figure to Travis. I actually like where this ends up because it evolves a relationship between two characters other than Travis and Laurie, even if Travis is still one of the two here. I don’t know if we should expect more fatherly elements from Grayson when he’s around Travis, but it was a nice moment for these two characters.

Bobby and Laurie never really get much to do together, but this was sort of a lame way to do it. Bobby struggles to feel comfortable with his new bag and he tries to break it in so it fits his persona better. I do like what Laurie says to Bobby about owning it and being who you are. It’s a nice moment for both characters that are definitely the weirdest of the bunch and are a little outside the norm. Having Bobby walk with the bag in slow motion and getting all the right looks only to have the bag stolen seconds later, was a really good way to end a throwaway storyline like this. I just wish Bobby and Laurie were in a more prevalent storyline.

“Too Much Ain’t Enough” had its moments, like the live infomercial and the speakeasy, and sometimes that’s all I need from an episode of Cougar Town. When a show gets in a casual groove like it is here, it’s hard not to get on board with whatever it is they’re trying to do. It was funny, introduced “The Guzzle Buddy” and as I mentioned before, it took care of some fatherly business and that is fine by me.

Cougar Town airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TBS.

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