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Philip and Elizabeth May Be Compromised, The Americans “Comrades” 

Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FX
Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FX

Elizabeth has been away from her family for months to recover from her gunshot wound. She and Philip told the kids she was looking after a sick aunt, but that doesn’t seem to assuage Paige’s curiosity about what her mother’s been up to. Not only does she go through her mother’s suitcase, but concerned that her parents didn’t come home after their date night, Paige accidentally walks in on them having sex. Awkward. Elizabeth and Philip talk to her about respect and privacy, but what they’re really worried about is whether or not Paige has checked up on them before. They’ve either got to do something now about her snooping, or make sure all their secrets are locked up tight.

Elizabeth and Philip’s date night is really just a cover for a mission. They’re interested in getting information on Lockheed and are able trick a new engineer into working with them. It’s the first time we meet their comrades (we never get the husband’s name, but I think the wife’s name is Leanne), but it’s clear Elizabeth and Philip have worked with this team before. Hearing about how much their kids have grown up, the couples agree to “meet” at a nearby park just to get a look at each other’s families. It’s kind of sweet. They don’t interact, but there’s something so wistful and normal about each set of spies getting a look at each other’s children. If they could be a part of each other’s lives – if they could socialize – they might have been able to watch each other’s kids grow up. There’s a lot they have to sacrifice for their “jobs.”

Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FX
Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FX

One thing Philip and Elizabeth have never done, however, is involve their kids in any of their missions. It’s just too dangerous. But Philip has to involve Henry in a brush pass and he’s not happy. And if things go wrong, Philip’s comrade will need Phillip to help him take out this guy’s surveillance team. But the dead drop goes off without a hitch until Philip and Elizabeth try to drop off the package. They find their two comrades and their daughter Amelia dead. Philip sends Elizabeth back to the park to check on their kids and Philip stays behind to retrieve some information from a briefcase. Their main concern then becomes whether or not they’ve been compromised. Are they in danger? Are their children in danger? Now all they can do is be vigilant and continue with all the missions they have in play.

Sandford is no longer anyone’s problem. Colonel Rennhall shoots him twice in the head when Sanford confronts him at home. Interesting. Gaad and Beeman aren’t sure two headshots were necessary. But Gaad tells Beeman they have to be patient. He’s confident they’ll get another lead soon. In the meantime Nina continues to play Beeman, trying to find  a piece of information to feed him that’s valuable enough to keep his suspicions at bay. But why would Beeman be suspicious? He’s falling in love with Nina, which might make trying to save his marriage that much harder.

The Americans airs Wednesday at 10/9c on FX.

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