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Justified “Raw Deal” 

Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX
Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

It was only a matter of time before Art’s passive aggressive bullsh*t irritated Raylan enough to provoke a confrontation. And I don’t even know if I’d say Art’s behavior was entirely passive aggressive. Even it was, it’s entirely warranted. I get that Art’s disappointed in Raylan. I get that he’s angry enough that he doesn’t want to look at – much less talk to – Raylan. I get that maybe Art thinks having Raylan do the sh*t jobs around the office might teach Raylan a lesson. But has he met Raylan? How long have these guys been working together? Raylan comes with a lot of baggage. He’s pretty good at his job – some might even say great – but there’s a lot of collateral damage that goes along with having someone like Raylan around. I was surprised by the ultimatum Raylan issued though. I didn’t think their relationship had broken down quite that much. I can’t imagine Raylan anywhere other than Harlan County. Scratch that. I don’t want to imagine Raylan anywhere other than Harlan County. And I can’t really imagine him being anything other than a Deputy Marshal (that’s with one “L,” thanks).So Raylan’s on desk duty tasked with talking to walk-ins. Glamorous. But he actually catches an interesting case. Larry Salmeron thinks the Marshal service has seized his website and his money, but that turns out to be the handiwork of TC Fleming. Larry ends up dead at the hands of his muscle guy Kemp while trying to retrieve his money and TC goes on the run. After some mutual (and pretty funny) taunting, Raylan gets his man.

Eager to gain some form of protection from Gretchen, Ava decides to find religion. Turns out Judith and her followers aren’t left alone for religious reasons, but instead because they get drugs into the prison. Ava’s introduced as the new girl, but is unwilling to have sex every week with Milo, the guard who looks the other way on delivery day. She plants some of the drugs on Vernon, their drug connection, who gets busted. So that avenue is now dry. Good thing Ava knows someone in the heroine trade. All Ava needs now is to talk to Boyd. Of course, he’s got some bigger problems to deal with.

Johnny, unaware that Hot Rod was able to get a message to Boyd, thinks his plan to outbid Boyd has worked. Mr. Yoon, ever the capitalist, is only too happy to take Johnny’s money and give him Boyd’s life in return. Johnny is warned not to kill Boyd in Mexico as that will cause problems for his Mexican connection. Too bad Darryl and Danny aren’t privy to that conversation, because they take out Hot Rod’s guys. And Boyd takes Johnny out. I’ve been hoping we’d get to see more of Mr. Yoon and I guess my wish just came true. But this is really bad for Boyd. I want to see it become really horrible for at least Danny and possibly also Darryl.

Other developments

  • I think Kendal might be the smartest of all the Crowes. He knows it’s time for him to get the hell away from his toxic family and he’s taken the first step to do so.
  • Raylan wants his Crowes problem to go away and he’s not above propositioning Wendy to get what he wants. It’s just not the offer (or the information) she was expecting. I kind of like that she was antagonizing Alison for tips on seducing Raylan. She’s trouble.
  • Tim and Rachel. I love them so much and want to see them on the show every week. That’s all.

Justified airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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  1. bluechester

    Art & Raylan need to hug it out. Art is a father figure to Raylan and he’s already had enough disappointment in that department from Arlo.
    Great mix of light comedic moments with the one legged hacker and the darker more violent scenes that seems to be Boyd’s world now. Them Crowes are plum crazy! And I agree, Kendel seems to be the only Crowe with any real sense.

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