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Lost Girl “Of All the Gin Joints” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

This week’s episode unfolds at a much slower pace than the previous week’s but we still learn a few things along the way. We see Lara Jean Chorostecki play an opera singer named Yanka, performing for an audience of one. She appears almost bird-like, in a white feather ensemble.  She is clearly not happy and tries to escape and ends up in the Dahl speaking Russian which luckily Kenzi can translate. Yanka recognises Bo and says that she told her to come. Trick tells them she is an Alchemist and she sings powerful songs that can cause people to remember things, or that can kill someone, or even end her own life but she needs to rest to regain her energy.

When she wakes up she tells Bo that she is her hero and she is so glad she found her. Bo doesn’t seem to remember any of this but Yanka tells her she sang for her and Bo inspired her to escape. When she sings for her Bo starts to remember being in the woods and then on the death train but it was too vague to explain anything of any significance. But Yanka won’t sing for her unless Bo gets her what she wants most in the world. Which is her freedom.

Bo confesses to Dyson that Lauren is not the only one who has turned to the Dark. As Bo tries to kiss him he is worried as fraternization between Light and Dark Fae is forbidden. Funny this hasn’t seemed to worry him in the past? But Bo doesn’t listen and drags him off for some chi time only to be caught in the act by Trick.

Yanka helps Bo remember a few things, one of which is the paper rolled up in her knife handle which confirms what Yanka has told her about promising her freedom. And when she is performing the famous aria Bo remembers some sort of crown with her name Isabeau engraved on it. But it turns out that Yanka was playing Bo and really wanted to escape with her love Marcus. They have hatched an elaborate escape plan which involves Bo thinking that Marcus has a bomb planted in Yanka’s necklace. But Marcus was playing Yanka and wants her to sing a death song to kill Bamber and all of his species, but it kills Marcus instead, and soon after Yanka as well. Before she died Yanka gave a small trinket to Bo which plays her singing and will help Bo remember. When we see Bo playing it we don’t actually get to see what she remembers but I have a bad feeling as it seems to really upset her.

Bo and Dyson are getting it on later in the episode but she refuses to look in his eyes despite his pleading with her to look at him. Bo seems to be torn and is haunted by what she may have done while on the Death Train and how she has become aligned to the Dark Fae but she seems to have been sending herself clues into the future so she must have known she wouldn’t remember. Bo then notices a hand mark on her shoulder, reminds me of a Trouble on Haven, which she thinks is the mark of The Wanderer, or Rainer, or whoever held her captive. The Una Mens burst in a few moments later and are there for Dyson as he has broken some “Codex of Laws.” What has he done? It can’t be fraternizing with Bo as surely they would want her too? Dyson is not about to go willingly and wolfs out but the Una Mens respond by going all scary face back. Something much bigger is going on here.

When Kenzi sees Hale arrive at the Dahl she thinks he is there for her but he walks straight past her to Yanka. Her devastation is heart breaking but they actually know each other from childhood. When Kenzi returns after going to Lauren for info on Yanka’s necklace she realises that Hale has disappeared and is worried that he will never know how she feels about him. Hale makes an appearance as Yanka begins her final performance and has to carry Kenzi away as she is human and the death note affects her. They eventually confess their feelings or each other but rather than the passion of Dyson and Bo it is more of a tender sweet moment. Since she’s been affected by the death note. Kenzi still feels a bit groggy from the effects of the death note and asks Hale if he was affected by it. He says no, but we see him wipe blood from his ear.  Not good!

Lauren is back in full swing packing up her apartment when The Morrigan shows up with pizza and beer. Deja vu? Certainly hope it doesn’t end the same way as it did with Crystal.

Evony woos Lauren with journals from great people such as Einstein and Marie Curie and the promise of many more in the Dark Fae library. These lead to a discussion about humanity and scientists experimenting on humans to find a cure for humans. I still have the feeling that the Morrigan was once human. Or maybe still is. Lauren tells Evony that if she agrees to work for the Dark Fae, it will be on her own terms and she will never trust her. And after their evening of bonding Evony gives her the key to said library and the keys to her new condo and Lauren kisses her. When Evony has left Lauren removes some sort of film from her lips and carefully places it in a petri dish. What is she looking for and has she really agreed to work for the Dark Fae or is it just a cover for something else?

This weeks Fae-vourite lines

“When Liza Faenelli wakes up let me know.”

“Four score and a bunch of years ago Lincoln threw down and slavery went the way of the Dodo.”

“Looks like Tweety and Sylvester have flown the coop.”

Lost Girl airs Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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