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Lost Girl “Let the Dark Times Roll” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

It’s already episode five and we still seem to be getting more questions than answers. The Una Mens tell Bo that they are satisfied she is dark and may leave. Her allegiance to the Dark Fae is a question for her and the leader of the Dark during her absence. Vex! Why does this not surprise me? Bo not happy with being told what to do tells them that it’s them and their circle jerk of doom that needs to leave. But they are still on the warpath for the human doctor and her terrorist pet. As you can imagine Bo does not take kindly to this revelation and tries to suck all the chi from them. This does not go well and their chi returns to them and she is told that if she strikes at the Una Mens she shall be the only victim. She must pay fealty to the leader of the Dark or die. Not much of a choice as far as I can see.

When Bo and Kenzi arrive at the dark Fae’s office they are both surprised to see Evony and not Vex as they thought she was dead. Evony though is not surprised about that — only about the fact that Bo is looking for Vex. Evony tells her that if she wants Vex she must come to her Dark Celidah. She tells her she can get out of being dark Fae if she can prove she was hoodwinked into it but she must do so by the first full moon since she joined. The only snag is that the full moon is tonight so she doesn’t have much time. And Evony is trying to slow her down by throwing red herrings into the mix.

Bo and Kenzi show up at the Dark Celidah with Tam Tam in tow and right on cue Evony shows up being all sickly sweet and offering Bo a human buffet which she declines. Is she trying to create more distractions so that Bo doesn’t have time to get out of being Dark Fae? Evony tells Bo the Una Mens are cramping her style and they want every human Bo loves very, very dead.  So that’s Lauren and Kenzi then. The Una Mens won’t leave until they have tied up all the loose ends and Vex is the loosest one of all. Distraction number three — cue Lauren making an entrance in her gorgeous LBD. Although maybe it is more of an incentive for Bo to find Vex and Evony won’t have to lift a finger.

They are in full on reunion mode, much better than the Bo and Kenzi reunion, and Bo is telling Lauren that they can talk later but Evony interrupts and tells Bo that she will help her find Vex if she gives her her blood oath that she will bring him to her. And she will supply the means to do this in the form of a scavenger Fae and so Evony’s Angels are born!

According to Scavenger Fae Pietra, Vex needs the Scimitar of Cronus as the Una Mens poison is binding him to the territory. First they have to find him though and they are using her as bait to draw him out.

Bo tries to get Lauren to have their talk while waiting for Vex to appear but she doesn’t seem very keen and is saved by a woman acting strangely, being controlled by Vex, stealing the scimitar. Vex is hiding out in Dyson’s boxing club and denies all knowledge of being in cahoots with the Wanderer in aligning Bo to the Dark Fae. Vex tells her the Wanderer is just a story his mum used to tell him to scare him from fiddling with himself in public. Vex overpowers Bo and sticks her with the lavender concoction Lauren has created rendering her paralysed. But I think he has bigger problems with that hand, it looks as though it’s about to fall off if he doesn’t chop it off first with the scimitar. Bo tries to talk him out of it but he’s not listening he’s more interested in telling her that he’s the last Mesmer and his family were hunted and slaughtered through the ages by all Fae. They had their hands chopped off which was their way of feeding which lead to them dying a slow, painful, humiliating death. He did what he had to to survive hence he became a servant of the Dark.

Bo regains movement back too late and Vex chops his hand off and makes a run for it. But not before Bo catches up with him pleading with him to tell her how she became aligned to the Dark.  Vex says he really doesn’t know and she should have just asked the Morrigan’s archivist.  Seems Evony was just using Bo to find Vex for her. What a surprise! Bo takes Vex’s hand back to Evony and dumps it on her desk. She needs all of Vex, not just his manly hand, to get rid of the Una Mens. But Bo can claim him as her responsibility and then it’s up to her to keep him in line.

The archivist pulls the skin off of his head and it tells her that she signed a pledge to the Dark along with her sponsor, Rainer. Only her mystery sponsor can help her break the pledge to the Dark. But who is he? Lauren tells Bo she is staying with the Dark Fae as they were the only ones that looked for her when she was gone and if she has to be a prisoner then she will choose her own cage. So I guess they are not back together after all.

Kenzi comes across Bruce as part of Evony’s sushi table and she orders him to get up. His punishment for helping Kenzi was being given to another Fae as her property and to free him another Fae needs to master him. Kenzi talks Tamsin into announcing she will master him and the current holder has the right to defend their property. Tamsin wants a dance off and not surprisingly Bruce’s current master is an expert break dancer. After some Kenzi and Tam Tam tweaking Tamsin pulls her Valkyrie face and throws the break dancer off balance and she falls and breaks her neck. Dual over.

Trick is summoned by the Una Mens for a personal inquisition and is told to get his story straight. His life story. Trick looks worried and I’m sure there will be more surprises we learn about him along the way. I still feel he is something bigger than we realize.

We find out the Una Mens came to be after the great Fae war — there was a rebellion where rebels tried to overturn the Blood King as he had become corrupt. To obtain peace, the King had to relinquish his power to a council made up of those willing to sacrifice their individual flaws and desires. And souls! The Blood King agreed but then betrayed them and disappeared with his papyrus seed. They want him to take his place among them so that they can enforce the laws he wrote unchallenged. They don’t seem to know that Trick is the Blood King and he looks worried that they want to enforce his laws unchallenged. Just what laws did he write? Ones he obviously regrets now. Trick is all ready to defend himself with the knife he has hidden behind his back but it turns out they are naming him as acting Light Ash. I didn’t see that coming. Trick calls one of the Una Mens by her name (Arabella) and reveals that she turned in her own family for petty crimes. Does he know her personally or is he trying to see if she has any conscience left?

Questions/thoughts for this week

  • Who has Trick’s papyrus seed?
  • Who is Rainer? And why does he scare the Una Mens so much?
  • I’m not sure I would want ice in my drink at The Dahl with Vex’s Gammy hand in there. Although it looks like it’s healing!
  • Where is Hale?
  • Trick seems scared by the fact that the Una Mens want to enforce the Blood King’s laws.  Just what did he write when he was corrupt?

Fae-vorite Lines

  • “What kind of boomerang bitch are you?”
  • “With Dyson out of town I gotta find some way to recharge the double D’s.”
  • “Imagine the unaligned succubus finally yanking her head from between her shapely thighs and coming over to the Dark.”
  • “Did someone get box blocked by their ex’s pointy thing.”

Lost Girl airs Mondays on Syfy @ 10/9c.

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