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Lost Girl “Turn to Stone” 

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Syfy
Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Syfy

Wow, Lost Girl is getting better and better and just when I think they have answered some of my questions they throw up more to replace them. Bo is having trouble remembering what happened between being taken from the Dahl and finding herself in the woods. I’m not sure getting it on with Dyson in the boxing ring will help much but I’m sure it’s a nice distraction.


I was disappointed with the Bo and Kenzi reunion as I thought it would be given more focus but Bo just walked back in and apart from a hug it was like she had never been away. Although they did go the the Dahl to catch up on lost drinking time leaving Tamsin alone and I can’t help thinking it’s not going to end well. And it wasn’t long before I was proved right and Massimo comes a knocking and convinces Tamsin that he is her friend and that Bo and Kenzi sent him.  He takes her as well as all of Bo and Kenzi’s possessions.


Kenzi is still insisting on “buying” sparkle cream from Massimo, who it would seem is on Evony’s payroll so I can’t see that ending well either. And now he’s trying to kidnap Kenzi but Bo is on hand to save her and when Kenzi confesses that she knows who is trying to take her Bo tells the Druid Massimo is not a friend to anyone.

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Syfy
Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Syfy

So, some things are becoming clear and Massimo gave Tamsin a potion to mark Bo which allowed her to transcend planes and be collected. By whom though? Cleo? Evony? That didn’t work out too well did it, but he claims this was his insurance policy in case Tamsin didn’t come through with the goods. Massimo offers to consider Kenzi’s debt paid if they get him some of a rare Japanese herb (I didn’t even attempt to try and spell it) which grows on the walls of the Light Fae doctors green wall. They didn’t question how he actually knows this.


Bo tells him if he doesn’t uphold his end of the bargain she will kill him. I can’t help thinking she is a little more aggressive and kamikaze since returning from the death train. Like she doesn’t really care. They go to Lauren’s apartment to find the herb and while Kenzi is looking, Bo does some snooping. Doesn’t she know it never ends well? She will only find out things she doesn’t really want to know, for instance, that Lauren’s name is really Karen. Then she starts second guessing their entire relationship and the fact that everyone in her life lies to her, with the exception of Kenzi. That’s what she thinks. She finds a necklace with a message which reads, “for giving me the freedom to love, and I do”. Bo thinks it was meant for her but I think she is making an awful assumption and will end up being disappointed.


Bo is left alone in Lauren’s apartment while Kenzi is finding the ingredients to break the seal preventing Bo from leaving.  The lights go off and then they are back on. And off again. Bo thinks it’s the Wanderer but there is a gargoyle stalking her.  It has blood around its mouth and Bo has a bite on her arm but Kenzi returns just in time and breaks the seal.


Kenzi confesses to Bo that she owes Massimo a lot and she has been stealing from Trick and Hale to pay him and she gave him the twig of Zamoro. Kenzi was scared as humans were being taken and she was alone. And she kissed Dyson. But she thinks she loves Hale but she doesn’t know as she feels alone. Bo is affronted because Kenzi kissed Dyson but she didn’t want him when she had Lauren. And besides they haven’t been together forever. But I guess there is still the girl code to consider. What’s with the gargoyles? Who are they spying for? The Una Mens?


Meanwhile Lauren and Crystal are being held captive but by who? Obviously by someone who knows Lauren is really Karen. Lauren opens up to Crystal and confesses that she and her brother thought they could change the world but it got out of hand when people died.  Whoever is holding them captive wants Lauren to diagnose a Fae elders illness and it would seem it is caused by eating his own kind and it is sending him mad. She agrees to treat the Fae elder for Crystal’s freedom but she has already picked the locks on the handcuffs and tells the captor that “his not quite girlfriend” Kenzi taught her how to pick a lock! She thinks Hale is her kidnapper? But she is wrong. I cannot believe that Hale would do that to anyone.  It sounds more like Trick and the camera angle when the door opens would suggest someone that is small in stature.  See, more questions!

Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Syfy
Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Syfy

Tamsin has transitioned back to her old self and is very amusing with it, acting like a teenager and she wants to know if Bo is Dyson’s girlfriend. Dyson confesses he loves her and Tamsin goes all dewy eyed and starry and says when he tells a story he has to start with “Once upon a time.” The next line is genius, Dyson says, “Once upon a time, we never found the right time, the end.” And he delivers it in his undeniable, dry manner.


It turns out Massimo didn’t want Bo and Kenzi dead. I thought he was sending them into a trap with Evony, he just wanted to distract them while he was kidnapping Tamsin. But just in the nick of time Bo and Kenzi figure this out and Bo is off to save her. On her own. She tells Kenzi to wait for Dyson as they are so close, right? A touch of the green-eyed monster?


Massimo has Tamsin tied up apparently to protect everyone when she turns into the monster that she is. He is after her hair but needs it to fall out willingly otherwise it is of no use but Bo arrives to save the day. Massimo has Bo with a razor to her neck and then Tamsin shouts stop, release, witness and and we see her with her Valkyrie face and wings.  She is now the Harbinger of Death and tells Massimo that he no longer deserves to breathe air. Now Tamsin has her wings it means this is her last life. Oh no, I have really grown to like Tamsin.


Massimo swears to Bo he doesn’t know anything about gargoyles and that they are a higher power and attack whomever threatened their masters. Elder Fae.


Bo sucks Massimo’s chi and discovers he is human and tells him to leave Kenzi and Tamsin alone as they are Faemily. Human?


Massimo is crying over hair and tells Bo that his mommy needs it but Bo throws it into the fire pit and he jumps in after it.


So, more questions. If Massimo is human does he need the Valkyrie hair to keep up his mother’s appearance? Is his mother Evony? Is he Lauren’s brother? Is Trick an Elder Fae as well as the Blood King?


When Bo visits the Una Mens they tell her that her blood has already chosen a side and they are looking for the unaligned succubus. So if she is no longer unaligned are they really looking for Aife?


What can Dyson teach Kenzi so that she can find her place among the Fae? I can’t wait to find out. And is Bo really dark Fae? I don’t want to believe that.

Favorite Quotes from “Turn to Stone”

  • “Just hanging out in my ex’s apartment, finding weird shit.”
  • “He’s just graduated from A-hole to Douche.”
  • “Once upon a time, we never found the right time, the end.”
  • “Nobody fights with my roommates but me.”
  • “Are you crying right now, over hair?”

Lost Girl airs Mondays on Syfy @ 10/9c.

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  1. Heather M

    I was disappointed that Bo and Kenzi’s reunion happened offscreen, too. I kept thinking I’d missed a scene somewhere when Bo mentioned “all the hugging” when she was only away for an hour (this time), and I thought, “we didn’t see the hug that mattered!”

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