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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Hayley and Jackson, The Originals “Crescent City” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW
Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Before I get into this week’s rundown on The Originals, I just have to admit one error. In last week’s recap, I assumed it was Agnes back from the dead and running around with Team Celeste. But it’s actually Bastianna who is back. Bastianna, if you remember, was the ringleader of the Harvest that originally killed Monique and two others, leaving Davina with all their power. She was originally killed by one of the vampires who ambushed the Harvest led by Marcel. Agnes was the elder who led the attack on Hayley. She’s still dead. My mistake. So many zealot witches to keep track of….

This week, we have to pay a quick (very quick) tribute to the slain Sophie Deveraux. Killed by her resurrected devout witch niece Monique, Sophie is down for the count. (EP Julie Plec has said as much in interviews this week.) Bye Sophie. Sorry you failed so many times. Good luck on the other side.

The “Crescent City” Moment of Goodness really goes to Hayley. Hayley has been running around behind the scenes while the Originals waged war amongst themselves and the witches. She’s been shuffled back and forth, basically just holed up playing incubator to the miracle baby. She and Elijah have some sparks but they go on the back burner as he gets his siblings out of one mess or another. But in “Crescent City,” we finally got the wolves out of the bayou and Hayley has started to figure out she actually has a role to play in her pack. It was a full moon and those wolves know how to party.

When I say the Moment of Goodness goes to Hayley, I really mean it should go to Jackson (Nathan Parsons from General Hospital). Because that is some goooooodness. Let’s just say Jackson can emerge from the woods in naked human form anytime.  Hayley takes one look and knows he is the wolf that has been trailing her since her arrival in New Orleans. (By the way, Hayley. The word is “wolf,” not “woof.”) Jackson, eager to finally have a few minutes to really chat, lets Hayley in on their families long entangled history. They are the descendants of the original werewolf line. Except, and this is the important part, same pack but not the same blood. After discord between their families, the vampires descended upon them. Determined to unite against a common enemy, Hayley and Jackson’s parents arranged for their children to marry and unite the packs. Except Marcel got the witches to cast their spell first and the Crescent Wolves were cursed to spend their lives in wolf form, only emerging as humans during the full moon. How Hayley escaped is yet to be said.

Hayley has her work cut out for her. She’s still absorbing the fact that she’s actually Andrea Labonair, not Hayley Marshall, and now it’s thrown at her that she’s basically wolf royalty and to top that off, she’s betrothed to a pretty fine-looking werewolf. Oh, AND she is her pack’s only hope to reversing the curse set by the Deveraux witches. Hayley, without an active role to play amongst the Originals and all their fighting, now has her own mission. She swore to Jackson she’d find a way to save their families from the curse.

But what will that mean for The Originals and her simmering attraction to Elijah? I’m placing bets that her determination to overturn the curse is going to interfere with some of the vampires best laid plans for the witches. There aren’t too many friendly witches running around the Quarter now, but Hayley’s a resourceful girl. She’s one of those girls that when she swears it, she’ll do it. At first, Hayley was one of my least favorite characters but now I’m looking forward to her taking this on.

Celeste said in this episode she knows the vampires won’t be killed because she’s the only witch who can save Hayley’s people. (I’m not sure exactly why that is but maybe they’ll explain soon.) So are we going to see Hayley making a deal with the devil? The only thing Celeste wants is to see the Originals, including her beloved Elijah, suffer. Not to mention, once Hayley gets her people back, where does she belong? Hayley’s pack will be looking to her to end the discord alongside Jackson. But Klaus won’t just let his unborn child waltz off into the bayou to be raised by wolves. But let’s not forget, some of Klaus’s own wolfy ancestors have been spotted out in the bayou. Could they all be related?

We’ll find out once The Originals returns on Feb 25th.

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