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Rake “A Close Shave” 

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/FOX
Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/FOX

Well what to say about this week? Rake is getting better! I think they can turn this train wreck around. There are still some very interesting gaps to be filled but if you just sit back and enjoy the ride for what it is you can be pleasantly surprised.

This week was basically all spent on showing that Keegan Deane actually has a heart of gold. He has just been riddled in life with bad decisions. In a sharp contrast to the premiere, everything Keegan touches this week turns to gold.

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/FOX
Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/FOX

He begins this quasi journey to redemption by taking a case that involves three young Amish men. They had been accused of attempted murder and a hate crime for shaving off one of their bishops beards. While he is preparing for this case he meets a lovely young lady who by her own admission is into older men. So they start a torrid affair and maybe that is the catalyst for Keegan being such a heartwarming fellow for this episode. But of course it will not last.

In the course of the show, Keegan gets his clients off the attempted murder charge. They do still go to jail for six months but eh can’t win them all. Then he saves the day of his friends re-commitment ceremony by talking his best friend’s wife into going through with the huge ceremony.

But all of these good things do not come without a price. Because at that commitment ceremony, the new beautiful young girlfriend is having sex with his best friend’s dad and sends the dad into cardiac arrest! O what tangled webs they weave in L.A.  But the one liners are sharp, the writing is better and I think this show has a chance. Rake you beautiful baby of a show. I will be back next week!

Rake airs Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX.


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