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Lost Girl “Lovers.Apart” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Wow what an explosive third episode and Bo is back with a vengeance with Dyson and Cleo hot on her trail.

Bo’s organs are failing from jumping from the death train and crossing from one plane to another without an anchor and she is running through the woods looking for refuge.  She finds a house that she goes into but her first encounter with the family whose house it is doesn’t go well and I must admit, at first, I thought the father was abusing his wife and daughter. But it turns out he is trying to protect them as they are being haunted.  His whole family has been cursed by another elemental from generations ago who was killed with her one true love because they thought she was a witch.  

They make an annual return to the ancestral home, where it turns out the father butchered his whole family as a child whilst being controlled by the “Jumbee/Elemental”. So he locks them in cellars and ties shoes around the perimeter of the house to try and ward off the evil spirit. Bo, however, helps the daughter, Julia, escape but as she passes the row of shoes, her body is taken over by the “Jumbee.”  The Jumbee — now in control of Julia — goes all Exorcist and rises up from the sofa and tells them she is pure evil, in a chillingly creepy voice.

Lauren isn’t faring very well either and someone is closing in on her. So after a night of pizza, passion and beer with Crystal and someone phoning the diner looking for Karen, she tells her that she has to leave and that she cannot tell anyone where she is. I get the feeling that Crystal is hiding her own secrets including why she thinks she is the bad luck.

The Morrigan is back, so the majority of the strong independent women, albeit separately, are back. Just what is Evony doing in Lauren’s apartment and why is there a wanted poster of “Karen” in the air vent? Our favorite Druid — Massimo — is also there helping to restore Evony’s missing eye whilst she is busy reducing people to piles of dust once they have outworn their usefulness. Massimo tells Evony he helped Tamsin get rid of Bo, so are they working for a higher power? Aka Bo’s father or whoever everyone is so scared of on the death train.

Bo sucks the chi of the body jumper from Julia and it turns out that the Jumbee and Noah Jenkins never married, and were buried separately which is why she is still tormenting the Jenkins family. Bo, Dyson and Cleo decide they need to reunite the couple. They dig up the graves and a possessed Bo exchanges vows with Dyson who is acting as proxy for Noah. This reunites the spirits and they can pass on together at last. Now I know this is not real for Bo and Dyson but I just want to revel in this happy feeling for a little longer.

Cleo eventually reveals her true intentions and grabs Bo from behind holding a knife to her throat and tells them that money talks and Vex is paying her for the privilege. They already know what she is up to though and Bo sucks out her chi and tells her that dying with a smile on her face is much too good a fate for her.  So I’m guessing she isn’t dead just temporarily faezed.

Bo and Dyson are driving home together and are fueling my fantasy that they are really married.  Bo says she can’t wait to see everyone and runs through everyone by name but, interestingly, doesn’t mention Lauren. I don’t think she has forgotten her though, as she mentioned earlier. Lauren is hitchhiking and Crystal just happens to drive by and stops and offers her a ride. Something bad is going to happen I can feel it. And there it is, someone is hiding in the back and takes Lauren by surprise.

While Crystal and Lauren are at the side of the road, Dyson and Bo happen to drive by. Bo wants to stop and help, but Dyson persuades her that this time whoever it is will have to change their own tire.

I’m really looking forward to the next episode and hope that Bo and Kenzi are reunited. I also want to know who has taken Lauren, what part Crystal has to play in the grand scheme of things and just what is Evony up to?

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Grow my eyeball back or you will be growing a ball of your own.”
Bo’s “Did somebody hit me?” Julia replies, “Mom, did.” Typical!
“And Druid don’t disappoint me like Chanel Number Goo did.”
“We shall never speak of this again says Dyson after letting John lick his toes.”
“I guess I ran out of bad s–t to forget.”
“You’ve got balls as big as my best friend, who is a girl.”

Lost Girl airs on Syfy Mondays at 10/9c.

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