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Winter TV Crush: The Boys of Bitten 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

I realize they’re men but I like the alliterative Bs. It’s cold outside in most of the country so you’ll have to forgive us for seeking warmth in front of the television, and Bitten has delivered with some delicious men (we’re assuming you’re already down with the fact that  is gorgeous). In a word, woof. The first two below were my reason for writing this post, but I’m spreading the love around to all the regulars because I’m a giver. Let’s take a look:

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Greg Bryk (Jeremy Danvers)

Bryk has been on my radar since the Canadian series ReGenesis about a decade ago. He works continuously–guesting on Nikita, Rookie Blue, Lost Girl, and Covert Affairs. I’m so happy to have him on my TV every week as Jeremy Danvers, the Alpha of Elena’s pack and the voice of reason when hotter heads attempt to prevail. He was a regular on Canadian import XIII, which ran on Reelz in the US last year, but his character was so wildly off the rails sadistic it was hard to make that show appointment TV. I’m super-happy he’s playing someone softer (as far as we know) on Bitten. He’ll also be on Reign this week over on The CW.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Greyston Holt (Clay Danvers)

OK, so Holt has always been a bit on the wiry side, but here, as Clay, the werewolf with a soft voice, a short fuse, and hot history with Elena, he’s seems to be taking tips from Victor Webster because he’s HUGE. I’ve been a fan since his days as the troubled son on the Canadian drama Durham County and since then he’s amassed a solid collection of character work as a recurring guest star on series like Motive, Alcatraz, and Once Upon a Time, and he was one third of a love triangle opposite The Vampire Dairies Sara Canning when he played Wyatt Earp in Hallmark Channel’s Western Hannah’s Law. He popped up in the Cedar Cove pilot but when it went to series, the role was recast with Corey Sevier, I’m assuming because Holt landed Bitten. I’m thrilled to have him in a weekly role, and if he just has to keep taking his shirt off, I guess I can deal.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

Paul Greene (Philip McAdams)

Greene is Philip, Elena’s smitten Toronto paramour who seems to be a genuinely nice guy but he knows nothing about her wolfy ways. He’s new to me but may be familiar to folks from the Fox series Wicked Wicked Games, and guest roles in Harry’s Law, NCIS, My Own Worst Enemy, The Client List, and The Newsroom.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

 (Nick Sorrentino)

Lund is a familiar face to Haven folks as Nathan and Sarah’s son, James, aka The Colorado Kid, filmed in his hometown of Halifax. On Bitten, he plays Nick, who Elena calls a “pup” and who we first meet when he’s in bed with a married couple, so he’s the anything goes comic relief for the Danvers clan. Lund has also appeared in Defiance, Hemlock Grove, and Beauty and the Beast.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

 (Logan Jonsen)

Xavier is new to me, but he was a regular on The N series The Best Years, has guest starred on Rookie Blue,  Covert Affairs, and Nikita, and appeared in Hallmark Channel’s Be My Valentine. Here he plays Elena’s “cousin,” Logan–a therapist and fellow werewolf who’s also now living in Toronto. Things get complicated when Elena and Logan have to align their stories after Philip befriends him.

Bitten airs Mondays on Syfy at 8 pm/7 c (note the timeslot swap with Lost Girl). The lucky Canadians get it two days earlier on SPACE (Saturdays at 9 pm/6 p). Here’s a sneak peek of tonight’s US episode, “Trespass.”

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  1. Grant Rosenberg

    Glad you like our “boys.” We’re very lucky to have such an amazing group of actors. And thanks for nice article. We at BITTEN appreciate it!

  2. Heather M

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Grant! I’ve enjoyed your projects back to Poltergeist the Legacy and The Outer Limits, so it’s no surprise that Bitten hooked me, too. I look forward to seeing where the season takes us.

  3. MByerly

    They’re what’s known as “were-hotties” for those of us who are fans of paranormal romance. Woof!

    The episodes are being presented like chapters in a novel. Not surprising considering Kelley Armstrong is the source of the stories. The pacing is a bit slow, though, and I wonder if fans will buy into the leisurely pace.

  4. Paulino Nunes

    I won’t take this personally. I know my wife still thinks I’m handsome.



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