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Lost Girl “Sleeping Beauty School” 

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy
Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy

After last weeks action packed premiere of Lost Girl this weeks episode unfolded at a slightly slower pace but we still see some significant developments.  Bo is still MIA and Dyson’s return to the scene of the crash finds a wild, dishevelled young girl who they believe is Tamsin.  Trick tells them that Valkyries have many lives and as they see so much death they sometimes suppress memories from their previous lives. However, all is not lost as Tamsin did mention Bo’s father, but will she remember anything that will help them find Bo?

Kenzi is in denial that Bo has really gone and is putting champagne and chocolate, lube and otherwise, in her room as if she is about to walk through the door. Meanwhile Trick is looking for the compass that Kenzi happened to acquire before they left the Engleram which tells them that Bo is no longer on this physical plane, so where is she? On a train to nowhere being driven by who knows who!

Vex is being interrogated or tortured by the Una Mens and I was slightly disappointed to find that once again he sells everyone out when he is in a tight spot. But I guess I can forgive him as I would probably do the same if I was in that situation. But he has promised to bring them Bo in return for sparing him. And this worries me especially with the scary masks that I think refer to Kenzi, Tamsin and Bo and I am worried about their purpose. Will they keep the wearer in some sort of state of limbo? A prisoner in their own bodies?

Tamsin is still in hiding with her red hair and getting hit on by the blonde boss, who I am a little suspicious of. It’s clear there is some chemistry there but is she a friend or foe?

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy
Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Syfy

Hale and Dyson are checking out Selene’s beauty school and while she is taming Dyson’s unruly curls (not sure if that’s a euphemism for something else) Hale is trying to tap into the computer. But he is busted by Cleo (Mia Kirshner, The Vampire Diaries, The L Word, Defiance) who pretends she is helping him and sends him to Astrid. Astrid helps them instead of erasing their memories as she is still smarting over a bad perm they gave her 12 years ago.

Kenzi is finding babysitting a tough job and loses the plot when TamTam puts her spark cream down the toilet. That was the end of her supply and she arranges to meet her supplier for more but not before stuffing some antique-looking item into her bag, obviously stolen and clearly for payment. I fear this will not end well as Kenzi seems to be determined to become Fae by any means necessary. Tamsin finds the Wanderer card but I can’t believe noone else has seen it when it’s been staring them all in the face. When the card catches fire and Kenzi has put it out Tansim asks if that is Bo in the picture. At last!

Lauren performs open throat surgery on a Fae who is choking in the cafe where she waitresses and her boss films the whole thing on her phone. Purely to try and make some money out of it. Or is it? Is she there to flush Lauren out?

Dyson and Eddie are looking for a dimensional shift to move between times to find Bo but Cleo reveals that she is in fact the real Eddie just in another body as he has stolen the identity.  Dyson eventually figures out that the tarot card is the ticket to getting onto the train and MMXV is the time of the next train. 2015 or 8.15. Cleo has made a deal with Vex to give him Bo and is standing on the train tracks with Dyson where she tells him that it is a death train. I’m assuming that’s not good and suddenly they are on the train and Bo, who has taken some chi from the maid, has jumped off into the darkness.

TamTam has woken up from her sleep and has reached puberty in a matter of hours. I assume that she will soon be back to her old self and the grown up Tamsin will be back. But will she be able to help them find Bo? Will Crystal turn out to be as nice as she appears or has she, as well as Cleo and Vex, got an ulterior motive? Who is the maid so worried that Bo will wake? Is he her father and what does the maid’s comment about one blue and one brown eye mean?

A couple of my favorite quotes from this episode:

Kenzi to child Tamsin “Why are you vibrating?”
Kenzi to TamTam after the cream has gone “No cream no gleam”.
Hale to Dyson “I have several fantasies that started like this.”
Lauren “That guy just slapped my butt with his eyes”

Programming Alert: new episodes of Lost Girl will now air Mondays at 10/9c on Syfy.


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