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The Originals “Apres Moi, Le Deluge” 

Credit: The CW

Ok, even I have to admit that temper-tantrum prone teen witch-almighty Davina was starting to grow on me. Sure, she had her whiny moments but anyone who wants to bond with everyone’s favorite pawn baby vamp Josh is ok in my book. In this week’s episode of The Originals, “Après Moi, Le Déluge,” little Davina’s powers are getting the best of her and next thing you know, New Orleans is being torn apart at apocalyptic levels. With the city around them succumbing to the four elements- earthquake, windstorms, monsoon downpours and lastly, fire- the war is forgotten and witches and vampires side together to eliminate the source: Davina.

Except, as usual, things don’t go exactly as planned. Believing completing the Harvest will end the destruction and bring all the dead witches back to life, Sophie takes on the role as elder to complete the ritual. Everyone except Marcel seems to forget the Harvest is Davina’s worst nightmare. With all that power coursing through her veins, you’d think someone would listen to her. But even she is powerless against the elements using her as a conduit to unleash hellish power on earth. Against her judgment, Davina finally agrees to be sacrificed as the last witch of the Harvest.

What’s interesting here is not that Davina bravely marches off to her deathbed, but what causes her to do so. All along, she’s been isolated and used by both sides. It isn’t until she gets what she’s truly wanted all along- someone to trust- that she finally agrees to go along with the master plan. Marcel swoops in as her devout savior, promising to protect her and begging forgiveness for getting headstrong with power. He’s at her side until the last moment with the kind of fervor usually reserved for one’s true love. It was heartbreaking to see his dedication while he ignores the destruction reigning down on his beloved city. At that moment, you could have told Marcel his city, his followers and even his beloved Rebekah would all be destroyed and he still would be head-bowed at Davina’s bedside. It made me think back to one of the first episodes of the season when Marcel threw in Rebekah’s face “I already found my queen.” At the time, it could have been argued he was talking about Cami but there’s a strong case he meant Davina.

The way vampires and witches alike seem to flock to either use or protect Davina feels very familiar. They care for her but they need her. They need her but they don’t want to hurt her. She’s beautiful and special. She inspires loyalty. She’s innocent. She’s…….damn, sounds a lot like Elena Gilbert, doesn’t it? I’m not saying there’s a real story-driven connection there. Just saying…….Elena and Davina would have a lot to chat about. I could see high school Elena and Davina bonding over cheerleading and whose list of dedicated vampire followers is longer.

In any case, Davina finally is brought to join her witch sisters in the cemetery and the Harvest begins. One almost expected something to muck up the ceremony before the blade touched Davina’s neck but no dice. Sophie, self-appointed elder, does the honors and Davina is slaughtered like her sisters. But instead of the light of resurrection burning brightly in all four sacrificed witches, the wind and rain die down. It’s quiet. Too quiet. As Sophie begs the witch elders to resurrect the girls, it becomes painfully obvious that the ritual didn’t work and they’re just dead. Like really dead. Davina, included.

Then again, this is The Originals and now there is a power-infused back-from-the-dead for real elder witch running around masquerading as Sabine. Celeste, Elijah’s ex, is back and seems ready to kick some ass. Resurrecting the four teen witches seems last on her to-do list but I’m laying bets this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Davina. I’m calling this one as “Dead but not for real dead” for the time being.

The by-product of Davina’s death sentence doesn’t seem to be in what the Harvest can do for the witch community, but what it does for the sides of war. Those clear battle lines are now a little opaque. Sophie, Marcel, Elijah and even Klaus are all working together now. Rebekah currently seems to be the only one running her own agenda. (About damn time, woman!) In a touching moment, we see Klaus and Marcel mourn Davina together and the compassionate Klaus persona peeks out for a quick minute. Klaus, knowing all too well the meaning of loss, empathizes with Marcel and the two find some common ground. Shaky as it may be but it seems to be a start.

Catch all new episodes of The Originals Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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