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Revenge “Hatred” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

I love the title of this episode because calling it “Hatred” is an understatement. Everyone hates everyone on this show, am I right?  Emily is back…or is she? Here’s what we know:

-Emily rips out her stitches during the night and Niko helps her fix them. (Who does that? So scary.)

-Emily meets with Victoria’s therapist at the house and Victoria “happens” to bump into them. (Mind games while an injured Emily can’t go the physical route — good one!)

-Emily finds Daniel and Sara in bed and she acts surprised and upset, but we all know better!  (Side note: You know it kind of bugs me that Sara just gets into bed with Daniel; it didn’t seem like something she would do, even though she is in love with him.) Sara and Emily have a confrontation at the pool as Sara is making herself at home at the Manor.

-Someone leaked the fact that Sara was spotted at Grayson Manor so Daniel fires the whole staff. Daniel knows Emily did this and doesn’t care. Sara isn’t going anywhere. He’s trying to punish Emily and he has plans to keep doing it. (That’s what you think Buddy!) Emily covers the staff’s salaries.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-Niko moves into Nolan’s house with Aiden; this is without telling either man. Nolan goes to see Emily. She tells him Sara needs to go and he tells her about his new houseguest. He also reveals that Niko and Aiden are sleeping together. He thought Emily knew but she didn’t.

-Emily’s upset and does laps in the pool but the next thing that happens is that she’s in Nolan’s house talking to Aiden. She confronts him about Niko. (Bad things happen when you black out…..just saying)

-Conrad moves out of Grayson manor to the Inn. He tells Emily when Daniel makes his next move against her to come see him.

-The first issue of Voulez Magazine hits newsstands. Margaux realizes the story has been revised — those are not her words. And guess what? Her assistant suddenly has left the county. (If you don’t remember, Conrad paid the girl off) Margaux gets a subpoena from Conrad suing the magazine for libel. Daniel realizes his father has set up the whole thing. The oh so devious Conrad tells Margaux in order to get the lawsuit dropped, she has to fire Daniel and give his son’s shares to him. She does this immediately.

-Jack asks Margaux to get a house with him and Carl. They declare their love for each other. (I don’t like this! Anybody else think this is a bit too soon?) Exactly!

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-Daniel and Sara are supposed to go away to Italy after he tells her about being fired from the magazine. But as they walk down the stairs, Emily is waiting with Sara’s Mom [Jayne Brook, Brothers and Sisters, Private Practice, Chicago Hope]. She’s absolutely disgusted with her daughter and begs her to not become a homewrecker. Sara tells her mom to mind her own business. That’s when her mother says you are no longer my daughter. Check and mate, Emily.

-Sara decides she doesn’t want this and leaves Daniel. Daniel confronts Emily about it and pushes her onto the bed and says: “Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe.” As Stephanie Tanner use to say, “How Rude!”  (Yes, I did just use a Full House reference.)

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-After Daniel leaves, Emily starts to cry. Another blackout happens and the next thing she knows she is at the Inn and Conrad comes out and says she was magnificent last night. (This is the kind of thing where someone would say, “I think I just threw up in my mouth.” What the heck is happening to Emily?

-Nolan tells Patrick that someone besides Victoria searched for him. A man named Jimmy Brennan, who happens to be Patrick’s father. Patrick confronts Victoria about it and explains his childhood was not ideal. They find Jimmy and see him playing with his young son. Patrick is really upset. Victoria follows Patrick to a bar where some of Jimmy’s employees are. Victoria is leaving when she bumps into Jimmy and has a complete meltdown.

-Victoria tells Patrick that Jimmy [Brett Cullen, Person of Interest, Devious Maids, Lost] raped her. She doesn’t want this to define Patrick. She is his only parent. Jimmy also stalked her and baby Patrick. She realized the only way to keep herself and the baby safe was to have him in an orphanage and she went on a scholarship to Europe.

-Clearly, Patrick doesn’t heed Victoria’s advice and starts to paint and then sets a fire at the gallery. (Oh Patrick…..)

-Niko wants Aiden to help her find her father’s killer. (Little does she know that he’s standing in front of her) Nolan helps Aiden implicate the man that bombed Grayson Global and the man responsible for killing Declan. This also gets Niko out of town since she has to travel to Moscow to track down the guy. Nolan justifies it because someone will get what they deserve.

-Niko also finds her father’s sword underneath Aiden’s bed. Has she realized what that means?  Will she tell Aiden?

-Meanwhile the first Mrs. Grayson [Gail O’Grady, American Dreams, NYPD Blue, Hellcats] shows up in the Hamptons. What kind of trouble is this lady planning?

Now we have to wait to see what happens. We’re headed into another hiatus. These long breaks are frustrating, I know, but worth the wait.

Revenge will be back with new episodes starting Sunday March 9, 2014 on ABC.

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