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True Detective Preview: “Seeing Things” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

17 year-old Dora Lange, a prostitute, is dead. Louisiana CID division partners Rust Cohle and Marty Hart have caught this disturbing case and the occult overtones of this crime have everyone from the governor to the general public on edge. Cohle is a high-functioning alcoholic loner who no longer has a family. Hart is a mostly absent family man who might be seeking comfort outside the home. This partnership seems to work even though these two men have nothing in common and very different ways of working. How does this 1995 case relate to a similar case detectives Papania and Gilbough are working on in 2012? We don’t know yet, but they seem very interested in the details of their case as well as the details of Rust’s personal life.

From HBO:

Under pressure to land a suspect in the Lange murder, Quesada warns Hart and Cohle that they might be replaced by three detectives from a new task force. The pair lobbies for extra time to follow-up on a lead that takes them from a rural cathouse to an incinerated church. With his marriage to Maggie already strained by work, Hart finds respite away from home.

True Detective airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.


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