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Sherlock Season 3 Premiere Preview: “The Empty Hearse” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE
Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films for MASTERPIECE

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Two years. Two bloody years! It was a very long wait – you might even say torturous. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eagerly anticipating the return of this show for ages. In “The Empty Hearse” we learn what Sherlock’s been up to in “death” and we see how John’s moved on. How will Watson react when he realizes his friend isn’t dead? What will it take for Sherlock to earn his forgiveness? Will an alarming and intriguing new case bring them back together?

From PBS:

Two years after Sherlock’s “death”, Dr. John Watson has got on with his life. But, with London under threat of a devastating terrorist attack, Sherlock is about to stage his outrageous resurrection. But if he thinks everything will be just as he left it, he’s in for a very big surprise…

Season 3 of Sherlock premieres Sunday, January 19th on PBS.



All photos courtesy of Robert Viglasky/Hartswood Films 2013 for MASTERPIECE.

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