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Revenge “Endurance” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Revenge is so good! Last week was a game changer but is it possible to have another one on the next episode?  The answer is yes. At the beginning of the episode, Emily was done with her mission but as things progressed, she was back and better than ever. But what will this cost her?  Let’s discuss what we know:

-Emily has fully recovered mentally but is feeling defeated. Nolan sneaks in to see her since the Graysons are not letting anyone near her. He is happy his friend is alive. You can see they both care about each other. I like that they have each other.

-Daniel is putting pressure on Margaux to make the article about the shooting and how Lydia Davis is the one that shot Emily. Later on, Jack tells Margaux that Daniel is actually the one that shot Emily. (Anyone think this is a good idea?)

-Niko introduces herself to Victoria and becomes Emily’s nurse at the Grayson Manor where Emily is taken to after she’s discharged. Victoria has a hospital room set up for her. That Victoria, she can do anything!

-Niko lets Emily know that she is Takeda’s daughter and she is here to help. Emily feels she needs to give up. Niko punches her in the stomach and tells her do you feel that, that’s what these people have done to you.  Emily knows this is what Takeda would do for her. Niko has learned well.  Niko also finds out that Aiden and Emily are engaged.

-Daniel shows up at the Stowaway to see Sara. They’re having a heated conversation when Jack comes in and tells Daniel to leave. When he doesn’t leave Jack decks Daniel. Mostly because he is the one who shot Emily and Jack knows it. (And I have to say it was pretty hot!)

-Aiden meets with Niko and she explains what is happening with Emily. He doesn’t understand why she didn’t bring her to him and she says she is watching out for Emily. Niko also confronts Aiden about his engagement to Emily and he says he didn’t want to hurt Niko. But he still needs her help.

-Victoria tells Emily that because of her injury she cannot have children. And she enjoys telling her a little too much. Emily rages after Victoria leaves.

-Victoria doesn’t want Patrick to get involved in her quest to stop Emily. He wants to retrieve the box in Nolan’s house but she is hiring a professional.  They get in a heated argument where Victoria tells Patrick that Daniel is actually the one who shot Emily. All Patrick wants is to have trust and honesty with his mother. Patrick then goes to Nolan and tells him that he was right about Victoria and he wants to come see him later. (You had the feeling too?) Of course the dude was up to no good.

-Jack brings baby Carl to see Emily. Charlotte sneaks them in since the Graysons are not letting anyone near Emily. He gives her a stuffed animal that looks like Sammy (remember her dog that Jack kept? So sweet!)  It’s supposed to keep her safe. (It also has a walkie talkie to communicate with Nolan but we find out after the press conference).

-Daniel goes to Sara’s apartment and he finds out she didn’t attempt suicide; she got really drunk and fell in the tub. Daniel tells Sara that Emily lied to him about being pregnant. Of course Sara believes him when he says he didn’t shoot Emily. Poor Sara….

-Patrick calls Victoria and tells her to call off the professional, he is taking care of the situation. Niko overhears the conversation and tells Emily that Victoria is trying to get the box out of Nolan’s safe. She tells Niko to let it happen. Emily has this smile on her face. So of course she is back on her mission!

-Patrick tries to get Nolan drunk but we find out Nolan has actually been drinking water. He ends up hitting Nolan over the head which enables him to steal the box. But of course, Emily and Nolan were ready.

-Patrick gives Victoria the box and in it she finds diaries of the Graysons’ movements. It basically looks like all Emily wanted was status. Victoria thinks she has won and tells Emily she is going to expose her as a fraud to everyone. Emily’s face says that Victoria is doing exactly what she wants!

-Reporters show up at Grayson Manor. Emily has called a press conference and tells them 1. Lydia Davis shot her. And 2. She and her husband are offering a ten million dollar reward to find her. Margaux is really upset with Jack. After all, he told her it was Daniel and he apologizes to Margaux and won’t get involved anymore with her business.

-Conrad pays off Margaux’s assistant to let him see the magazine before it goes to print. What will Conrad do with this information? He is Conrad “I can do anything I want” Grayson.

-Emily meets with Aiden. She tells him she is not done with her mission and she can’t be with him. Basically it comes down to not being able to have children so she breaks his heart. After this, he meets up with Niko who is going to get revenge on the person who killed her father. Little does she know she is about to have sex with her father’s killer. A little crazy, don’t you think Aiden?

-Emily has a sit down with Victoria and Daniel. She reveals to Daniel she knows he is the one who shot her. She also says in a smirky way that she still loves him and she is not going anywhere!

Based on the preview for the next episode, I think it is safe to say that since the game has changed again, things are going to keep getting hotter and hotter.

See you next week….

Revenge airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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