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Revenge “Homecoming” 

Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC
Photo Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC

[WARNING: If you have not watched last night’s episode, go watch it now!]

Revenge is back and the only way to describe it is this:  game-changer. Well, maybe not the only thing but wow, things are going in a different way.  As we all know by now, Daniel found out Emily was lying to him about the pregnancy and in a drunken stupor, shot her twice (Nice wedding night!).

Daniel being the shooter resulted in some major consequences and a significant shift in where the show is going. Daniel believed Emily was the only person he could trust in his crazy world. He felt the guilt about Sara, who he is clearly still in love with (or does he know what true love actually is? He is a Grayson after all). After finding out Sara tried to commit suicide, a drunken Daniel went outside on the deck of the honeymoon boat and overheard Emily and Victoria’s heated conversation. He was so angry to find out (some of) the truth about Emily and her agenda, he picked up the gun and shot his wife twice. Now that Daniel has really gone to the dark side, how will this affect Emily’s plan to get back at the Graysons? Daniel ended up being her pawn in the grand scheme of things and now she will no longer have that. Or will she?

So last night things became really interesting. Here’s the rundown of what we know:

-Emily was able to get to the spot where she and Aiden left a suitcase but because she was so weak from the gun shot wounds she couldn’t get to it. She was able to signal the beacon on her garter so Aiden would be able to find her.

-Emily swam to a boat she spotted and was able to get herself on it. When Aiden found her, she begged him to take her away from everything. She then passed out and knowing she needed medical help, he made sure the captain of the boat found her.

-Meanwhile, the Graysons and everyone on the boat were questioned by the police. Charlotte was sure Victoria shot Emily because she wasn’t with everyone else when they heard the gunshots. The police also looked closely at Victoria since she can’t explain where she was when the shooting happened.

-Nolan found out what happened while Patrick was at his house. Patrick left to try to find Victoria.

-Jack felt guilty about what happened to Emily since he believed it’s his fault for giving her the deadline of finishing up her revenge plot. Aiden let Jack and Nolan know Emily is alive but is in serious danger.

-The doctor updated the Grayson family on Emily’s condition. In private, the doctor told Daniel his wife was never pregnant. Of course he already knew that but asked the doctor to not tell anyone about this. When he visited Emily in her room, Emily woke up and grabbed his hand. She didn’t know her name. She didn’t know who he was. Daniel clearly had a look of hatred on his face but for a split second, I thought I saw a glimmer of feelings. Yeah, that went away fast.

-Nolan immediately went to the hospital but Victoria and Patrick blocked him from seeing Emily. He realized Patrick only has loyalty for his mother. He cleverly left a smart phone on his way out so he can hack into the hospital’s files. (Nolan always has a plan. I hope he really is Emily’s secret brother or something.) Diagnosis? Emily has amnesia and is in serious trouble.

-Margaux gave the police most of the pictures that were taken on the boat but wisely kept some for herself. She showed them to Jack and he realized who was not in the picture. (A couple of people actually….)

-To protect Emily, Aiden and Nolan devised a plan to get her out of the hospital. They both were thinking she faked her condition but when Aiden snuck into her room she had no idea who he was — in fact she seemed afraid of him. So Aiden’s forced to abort the plan.

-While Nolan helped Aiden, Patrick spied him putting Emily’s box in his safe and told his mother about this little development. Later, Nolan and Patrick conversed. No, argued. Nolan was angry at him for not having his back. He asked Patrick to leave. You can see that Nolan is heartbroken. (We have got to get Nolan somebody that will not screw him over. Man or woman, the guy deserves a bit of a break.)

-Nolan did some research and hypothesized that Emily’s injuries were not simply physical but psychological as well.  His treatment was for Jack to man up and get through to Emily. Jack balked at the suggestion.

-Daniel told Victoria he knows she didn’t shoot Emily because he’s the one that did it.  He also told her she was right all along about Emily. Victoria showed up at Margaux’s office with her own plan. She told the magazine editor how Conrad is setting her up. She then pointed her manicured finger at Lydia after Margaux gave her the pic that shows Lydia is nowhere to be seen. Victoria let Conrad know he must frame his mistress for the shooting because Daniel is the real culprit. Reluctantly, Conrad set Lydia up even though he claimed he’s in love with her. So Victoria got a little revenge herself. (David Clarke, anyone?)  This put yet another rift into the relationship between Conrad and Daniel. Conrad stated he’s sacrificing everything for his son. Daniel countered saying he didn’t ask his dad to do that. What will this mean for how the Graysons deal with Emily? And will they be on the same page if they are not getting along with each other? (Grayson family = Total dysfunctional family)

-Speaking of David Clarke: While Charlotte showed Emily pictures of her wedding to Daniel, Emily started to remember something. First up, she felt vibes that she knew Charlotte. (Hello sister!) Then she revealed to Charlotte that David Clarke is her father! Oh no, not good.  Charlotte passed on the David Clarke info to Jack, which prompted him to pay a visit to Emily immediately.

-Aiden spotted a mysterious nurse on the feed to Emily’s hospital room. She was about to inject something into Emily when she was interrupted. Aiden later rendez-vous’d with this mystery woman whose name is Niko. They knew each other for sure. And she gave him a kiss showing they really knew each other. Has Aiden been duping Emily or what? Or is this woman really helping him out? We shall see.

-Jack’s visit with Emily was productive. He told her she is strong and bull-headed. He still cared for her and he also handed her “Amanda’s” locket and then kissed her on the forehead. He said they had fought a lot during the summer and he was so sorry for that. Emily started to remember and before Jack left, she told him Daniel was the one who shot her! (Cue the dunt, dunt, and da! music)

Now that Emily has gotten at least part of her memory back how is she going to play it? How will Daniel treat her now that he knows she lied to him? Will he try to kill her again? How far will he go to get back at her? And what happens when they find out that Emily is really Amanda Clarke?

See you next week….

Revenge airs on ABC Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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