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Melissa’s TV Goodness All-Stars 2013: Revenge’s Emily VanCamp 

Photo Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC
Photo Credit: Bob D’Amico/ABC

If you are not watching Revenge, you don’t know what you’re missing. One of the main reasons to watch is Emily VanCamp who plays Emily Thorne aka the real Amanda Clarke. Here are just a few:

Who knew the girl next door from Everwood and Brother and Sisters was such a bad ass?  It’s not nice to typecast but it seemed like Emily VanCamp was getting very similar roles until now. This show has really upped her acting game. Emily gets to kick ass, know different languages, can set up people easily, can be vulnerable when she needs to be and many other things. Basically she is a tough cookie that can play everything and do it well! She’s like the new Sydney Bristow but on a Hamptons, NYC level.

She has chemistry with everyone. This seems to be a trend in my blogs. Her chemistry breaks down like this; Daniel/Jack/Aiden she has romantic chemistry; Victoria is the hate/condescending chemistry; Nolan who is basically her best friend and partner in crime; Charlotte her sister who doesn’t know she’s her real sister chemistry, etc., etc. When you have a character like Emily Thorne it’s important that everyone has this with her. It is very much like Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope and her fellow Scandal actors. That’s why we love both shows.

She plays a strong female character. There are two shows on ABC that came out around the same time with two very strong female lead characters.  Revenge and Scandal are great because of this. In Emily VanCamp’s situation, it makes it interesting because Emily Thorne can take care of herself more so than any other female character on the show.  Plus, she manages to have people in her life that will help her and are loyal to her. And she has a major master plan and we can’t wait to see who she gets her revenge on next.

She has mastered the “pretend happy face” when dealing with her enemies. This happens most of the time in scenes with Madeline Stowe aka Victoria. You can absolutely tell what she is thinking and the same goes for Madeline Stowe. Some of the best scenes are between these two actresses.

It looks like Emily does all her stunts with ease and grace. Not every actress or actor can do this and make it look effortless. This is someone who can do stunts and then be a girly girl. I think having the ability to be both is amazing. Whether she is shooting a gun or fighting with some guy double her size, she does it well.

She makes you root for her. Obviously this show is a little over the top with the storylines but that’s one of the reasons why we love it and we love Emily. You want her to get everything she has worked for. And even when glitches threaten to ruin her plans, you want to keep going on the journey with her.

What is going to happen now that her plan has gone awry? Does she have a backup plan? It’s Emily Thorne she must.

Revenge returns on Sunday Jan. 5, 2014 at 9/8c on ABC.

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