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LM’s TV Goodness All-Stars 2013: Haven’s Colin Ferguson 

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins
Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

After several seasons of Eureka, we are used to seeing Colin Ferguson playing the well-meaning but accident-prone hero.  With his blond and blue-eyed good looks it’s hard to picture him playing the villain, which is why his work on season four of Syfy’s Haven earns him my vote as an all-star.

In the beginning we couldn’t be sure if he was there to help or hinder. Although he seemed to genuinely care for Lexie/Audrey inside the barn, it was clear that he was holding something back. Even in episode 409, ‘William,’ it’s hard to tell if he is truly an amnesiac or just playing games with the Haven heroes.  But in 410, ‘The Trouble With Troubles,’ we really get to see him shine! In my opinion, William is the very best kind of villain. He epitomizes the mustachio-twirling scoundrels of the old Saturday morning cartoons. Completely committed to his goal, he conducts his nefarious Trouble amplification tests with a zeal that only comes with true enjoyment of one’s work. And William clearly enjoys himself. Even the villain is the hero of his own story, and with a squint and a sideways glance we can see his point of view on the Audrey issue. After all, she is his True Love, and all he wants is for her to remember their time together. What’s the harm in enjoying the torment he puts her through as long as he gets her back in the end?

Colin really takes this character a step beyond expectations. He interjects moments of extreme focus and dark intent amongst the joviality of his usual persona that often leaves us reeling from the sudden polarity shift. We watch as he does something so deeply evil, like amplifying the Trouble of a newborn baby, then gleefully shows off his work like an excited puppy with a new toy, bouncing, smiling, and practically vibrating with the thrill of it all. For Colin to display such a wildly contradictory character with none of his usual physical humor shows his ability to break out of his own mold, and regardless of whether we choose to like or dislike the character, we must appreciate the artistry of his performance.

I hope we get to see more of William in the future, I don’t feel that his story is over yet. There are so many possibilities for him now that Mara has remembered her true self, and I am eager to explore every facet in the finest detail.


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