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The TV Goodness All We Want For Christmas TV Wish List 

Christmas tree

[WARNING: Some spoilers if you’re not caught up on your favorite TV shows]

Well, Hello! Come on in. The tree is lit, the egg is nogged (never enough nog, people. Never enough) the Elf has been put back up on that shelf for the last time and a small forest’s worth of wrapping paper is littering the house, waiting to be recycled (Did you know Santa is Green? He is) while all the kiddos are playing with the cardboard boxes their expensive toys came in.

So what better time is there for all of us here at TV Goodness to present our Christmas Wish Lists: Television Edition? I didn’t get that pony I’ve been angling for, so maybe the TV Elves will look kindly on us all, and we’ll get what we really, really want the next time we turn on that flatscreen. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, y’all!

And please beware, while most of us were reasonable with our lists, a couple of us went way overboard and asked for the moon and the stars (and by “us” we mean Tina and Cortney).

Tobey’s List

Photo Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/NBC
Photo Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/NBC
  • While I acknowledge that wishing ill upon anyone, even fictional, is totally not within the parameters of ‘Christmas Spirit,’ I really want Tom (Ryan Eggold) from The Blacklist to disappear. He can get a job at a fancy Swiss boarding school as far as I care, as long as he goes away and doesn’t come back to my show. Ever. There is, sadly, no chemistry between Tom and TV wife, Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone), and he just drags her down. I don’t wish you ill, Thomas. I just want the gift of your absence.
  • Like a character in so many versions of A Christmas Carol, I’d like to be able to take a look back, but this time to all the sweet, fun little shows that got the boot. And I’d like other people to see them as well, and give them a chance. Ben and Kate was an adorable show with characters that truly cared about each other, a brother-sister dynamic that struck me as completely authentic, the cutest kid I’ve ever seen on television (Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Maddie Fox) and Lucy Punch (Bad Teacher; Hot Fuzz; Dinner For Schmucks) Lucy Punch! What it didn’t have was viewers. The same fate hit Back in the Game, an awesome, quirky little show that just didn’t have the support it needed. Maggie Lawson (Psych), Lenora Crichlow (BBC’s Being Human), James Caan (Uh. Everything) and Griffin Gluck (playing Lawson’s son, and Caan’s grandson, Danny Gannon) all deserve better. And not just for Christmas.
  • Peace on Earth. Just kidding; I really love shows where stuff blows up and things catch on fire. But, I do wish peace for the Katherine Beckett (Stana Katic) and Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) nuptials. While I understand Castle is a program dependent on drama and intrigue, I really want a nice wedding with a beautiful bride in a stunning dress and a beaming groom barely holding back tears at the first sight of his beloved at the end of the aisle. No kidnapped bride; no groom getting shot; no daughter disappearing or, God forbid, a long-lost child showing up and wrecking everything. I really want them to have The Day. Their Day. Bullets, bombs and bloodshed can wait until after the honeymoon (I hear Tahiti is a magical place. Maybe they should go there).

Heather’s List

Photo Credit: Mark Levine/ABC
Photo Credit: Mark Levine/ABC
  • For amnesia to not be used as a plot device on any other show this season.
  • For Scarlett to not fall down the same rabbit hole as Deacon from Too. Much. Drama. On Nashville.

Melissa’s List

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
  • All I want is Emily and Jack to be together on Revenge. (Even though I like Aiden too!)
  • All I want is Scandal to continue on its path of greatness.
  • All I want is General Hospital and Days of Our Lives to stay on the air.
  • All I want is for Elliot Stabler to visit Law & Order SVU. (Just one episode!)

Cortney’s List

All I want is for…

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC
Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC
  • Joel and Julia to work things out on Parenthood. They were such an amazing couple and I know all couples hit rough patches, but I’m over theirs. They are stronger than this so lets fix it.
  • Haven to get a final season. The end of this season was not a series finale. I’m okay with Haven only getting 8 or 10 episodes to wrap it up, but we need some kind of conclusion. I will be the one troubled if they leave us hanging.
  • Natalie Zea to return on The Following. Thanks to all the promos, we know that Joe Carroll will be back, but what about Claire?! She is a vital part of Ryan’s life and we all know he’s already an emotional wreck…if she dies, it may give him great incentive but I truly don’t know if he could handle it.
  • More Miles and Rachel flashbacks on Revolution. Just as they started to give us the backstory on these two, they took it away. Yes, I know they’re fighting the good ol’ U S of A and trying to stay alive, but I need more about why these two are so drawn to each other!
  • New Girl to stop making Winston so dumb. He is a great character and can be really funny, there is no need to dumb him down to this level of stupidity. His quirks are what make him funny, focus on those and stop making him such a nitwit.
  • Meredith and Christina to stop being enemies on Grey’s Anatomy. They are each other’s “person” and while I get that they’re going their separate directions in life and are destined to drift apart at times, they have become downright mean to one another. And I don’t like it one bit. Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable to watch and I find it hard to believe that they really loved each other at all if they can treat each other this way. They may not be all dark and twisty like they were at first, but their friendship was the one constant on this show and it needs to come back.
  • Nashville to get rid of Lyla. Done. Out. Over her. There is nothing redeeming about her bratty character and now she is making enemies everywhere she goes…first Juliette, now Jeff. And she’s a total deadweight for Will. Time to let her go. As Jeff said, “there’s always another runner up”.
  • The Blacklist to finally give us the scoop on Tom. Is he good? Is he bad? I am so tired of jumping back and forth. First Lizzie trusts him then she questions him then she trusts him and then she questions him again. He seems to have an excuse (often flimsy) for everything Lizzie throws at him, but enough is enough. Red has repeatedly told her not to trust him and now it’s time he tell us why.

Tina’s List

Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW
Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/The CW
  • Since I’m hooked on the NBC daytime soap Days of our Lives right now, I need Eric and Nicole together sooner rather than later. And when it happens Eric needs to be shirtless.
  • From the CW’s Supernatural, I would love to have all this Gadreel business over and done with so Sam and Dean can, once again, be brothers fighting TOGETHER against demons, angels and other supernatural creatures. Winchesters vs. the Supernatural universe FTW, not Winchester vs. Winchester, please.
  • And staying with Supernatural, Dean needs to have a meltdown sooner rather than later. His lies and his guilt and his pain have all been piling up. And also his worry for Sam and making sure that he doesn’t lose his brother forever. When I think meltdown I don’t picture something loud and violent and brutal. I picture something like Buffy’s in season five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She completely shut down and became catatonic. That’s the kind of meltdown I envision. Something on that super angsty level.
  • I need more great lines, nicknames and Revolutionary observations from Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills on Sleepy Hollow. And more #SuperSleepy tweeting from Orlando Jones. And, come to think of it, I need more CW actors tweeting for each other’s shows (i.e. Arrow‘s Stephen Amell live tweeting the Supernatural mid-season finale).
  • I would like Carter to be resurrected on Person of Interest. And while I’m playing the resurrection game, then I’d like The Walking Dead’s Hershel back. Sorry Brody. I’m totally okay with your TV death. It was brutal but redemptive. A great moment for Homeland.
  • I need more Hot Paul on Orphan Black. More Quinn on Homeland. Less Charlotte on Revenge. But more Nolan and Patrick on Revenge. They can have all of Charlotte’s time.
  • I need sweet, sappy Christmas movies to play year around. Like a whole channel devoted to them.
  •  The new Sherlock season to be the best effing thing I’ve ever seen.
  •  And for The Vampire Diaries to consistently write Bonnie in a badass way and to please show her, Jeremy and Matt more frequently in the back half of season five. I’m tired of them being absent all the time.
  •  And I want the rest of Suits season three to be on in January instead of March. That also goes for season 2 of Orphan Black and Vikings, which return with new episodes in April and the end of February, respectively.
  •  Finally, I would like 80 more hours added on to the week so I can catch up on all my shows before mid-season starts.

Merry Christmas, everyone! What’s on your Holiday TV Wish List?

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  1. H

    Yes please…meltdown for Dean. Once and for all! I’m tired of seeing him just brooding. I’ve been waiting for him to hit rock bottom since s6. He’s human after all, hero or not…they break too!

    1. Tina Charles

      So glad you agree with me. Something needs to happen. Sooner rather than later. Thanks for reading and commenting! Happy holidays!

  2. Elizabeth

    I am glad to know that whatever Dean experiences after hiatus is not going to be long and drawn out. Carver mentioned that in his recent interview. Dean will not have time to dwell on what has happened. I love Dean being strong, the protector. If he needs to have a meltdown let him get mad and express himself. Let him even cry but not be “catatonic.”

    I agree that he needs to open up and let his emotion show but I also believe that goes for Sam. Sam needs his own true meltdown once he is free of Gadreel. I can only imagine how he will feel after learning that he killed Kevin (even though it was Gadreel). I hope there are no insta-fixes. JP did mention that we will get to see Sam crying. Then his body will be tortured by Crowley. Sam needs this meltdown as much as Dean. It would be perfect if they could open up to each other and let the emotions run free. I would love to see them helping each other so then can start to heal. In the meantime, while they are healing get back to good old fashioned monster hunting. To watch JP and JA in scenes like that would be perfection.

    1. Tina Charles

      Right now I just want to see Sam again period. I want Gadreel out of him and to see the fallout of that. I just miss him and want to see him again. This Gadreel business needs to be wrapped up quickly.

      1. Elizabeth

        I completely agree with you on that. I love what JP has done with Gadreel but it is time we get Sam back and see more of Sam’s POV/emotions regarding the events that have taken place. Jared no doubt will be phenomenal as always.

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