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Revenge “Exodus” 

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

Warning: Spoilers for Revenge winter finale

The wedding day of Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson has arrived. Emily has to figure out how to get Victoria to the wedding. And boy does she! Here’s what happened on last night’s winter finale:

-Again, we see Emily say, “I’m sorry,” to someone and then two shots hit her and she falls back into the water. Then the episode flashes back to 12 hours earlier.

-Emily is taking blood and putting it in a vile.  This is the blood that will be on the floor after she is “shot.”  Of course, Nolan is freaking out about Victoria not going to the festivities but Emily has something up her sleeve.

-Conrad finds Lydia’s journal and thinks she is using him and wants to take him down.  She tries to tell him what happened but he tells her to get out. But not before she takes the picture that incriminates Emily.

-Conrad is asked to meet up with Emily and she tells him about how Victoria won’t be at the wedding. Her suggestion? If Patrick was around she would end up going. Of course Conrad does exactly what she wanted and brings Patrick to Victoria. Patrick is the one to convince Victoria to go to the wedding for the family.  She tells Conrad if anything happens to her son she will make him pay.

-Emily along with Aiden and Nolan make sure they know the plan. She’s supposed to hit the blood vile and then shoot off the gun and go into the water.  (Remember this because it is important.)

-Emily goes to say goodbye to Jack.  Instead of leaving it and walking away, she reveals that she was with Amanda when she died.  She promised Amanda to look after Jack and Carl. Jack gets really upset and can’t believe that she has taken away everything from him but had to do the same with their goodbye to each other.

-Nolan sees Patrick but Patrick can’t be with him because of Victoria. His mother needs him. This puts a bit of a wrinkle in the plan but you know it will be fixed.

-Emily is getting ready to walk down the aisle as Aiden sneaks in and gives her a special garter aka her blood sample. Before he goes, he gives her a kiss and then exits to do his part of the takedown of the Graysons. While this is happening, Daniel is wrapping things up at work when Sara comes by for a short visit. She’s actually there to discuss the cake since the issue is all about the wedding.  They say goodbye to each other.

-Everyone is now at the wedding and Emily looks stunning. And here it is the takedown of all takedowns! But will it be?

-Lydia shows up at the wedding but Aiden stops her and gives her the deed to the house and gets her to leave.

-Emily and Daniel become Mr. and Mrs. Grayson. Cut to the reception where the newlyweds dance.  Daniel seems to be drinking a lot and as Nolan cuts in to dance with Emily, Daniel goes off to call Sara. He doesn’t end up leaving a full message because he’s pulled away by his obligations.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-Emily and Nolan share a dance. Nolan realizes this is the last time they’ll be together and whispers allegiance to Emily’s dad, David Clarke, once their dance comes to an end.

-Nolan sends Patrick a text stating he knows about what happened to Father Paul.  Of course Patrick reacts and goes to see Nolan. This gets him off the yacht and away from Victoria.

-Conrad finds out from Margaux that Lydia does love him. He goes to her and invites her to the yacht and says they need to shake up the Hamptons. It looks like Lydia is breaking her deal with Emily not to come to the wedding

-At the Stowaway, Sara is drinking a lot. She tells Jack she fell in love with Daniel again.  She mentions how the groom left her a message.  She flirts with Jack but he calls her a cab. (What a gentleman!  Jack’s awesome!  Yes, I am a teenage girl!) Jack also finds an envelope with Amanda’s chain in it. (Emily is trying Jack, she’s really trying.)

-Everyone is on the yacht; including Lydia (Victoria and Emily are pissed). Emily says she has a surprise video of all the highlights of the last two years. As she is walking she spills wine on Victoria and it makes Victoria have to go downstairs to clean up.  Emily sneaks outside.

-Daniel is getting really drunk. He gets a call from Sara’s roommate that she tried to kill herself. He is extremely upset.

-Lydia follows Victoria down the stairs and shows her the picture of Emily catering a party from years ago. She knew Emily was coming after her family.  Victoria confronts Emily outside and outs her daughter-in-law’s fake pregnancy.  Victoria takes her bracelet (Yeah, that one!  The one that was going to help frame Victoria for the murder of Emily Thorne) and throws it into the water! Aiden chloroforms her and drags her away. (If you haven’t seen the next part, stop reading.  (SPOILER ALERT!)

-Daniel stumbles out and says to Emily he has heard everything. He takes the gun and shoots her twice. As we saw at the beginning of show and the first episode of the season, Emily falls into the water. Daniel freaks and throws the gun overboard as well.

-He goes inside as if nothing is happening but everyone heard the gunshots and runs out to the deck. No one knows where Emily and Victoria are!

-Meanwhile Aiden swims to shore where he sees Jack who’s there to give Emily the bracelet. Unfortunately, Emily isn’t there!  Her bloody wedding dress comes up on the beach.  They both know something has gone really, really wrong with the plan.

Can you say game changer?  We don’t have to wait as long as some other shows but the aftermath of this is going to be very interesting.

See you next year….

Revenge returns with new episodes Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014 on ABC at 9/8c.

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