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Revenge “Surrender” 

Richard Cartwright/ABC
Richard Cartwright/ABC

Last night Revenge was back for the first part of the winter finale. Side note:  When did we start having winter finales?  It seems like all my favorite shows are having them.  Is this supposed to make us feel better because we have to wait so long for the next new episode?  And I digress……

Let’s get back to our beloved Revenge and the countdown to the Wedding of the Century.  Finally it looks like Emily is going to get the Graysons back for what they did to her father.  Here’s what we know:

-During a photo shoot Daniel and Emily do for his magazine, Daniel tells Emily they should keep the baby a secret.  (Remember she told him at the end of the last episode that she had a bun in the oven).  Emily: 1 and Daniel: 0 still no clue.

-Margaux puts Lydia (back from the dead and still looks great….annoying) up in a very fancy hotel room suite.  Margaux tells Lydia she can’t be seen or it will jeopardize her story.  Well, cut to Victoria and Emily doing seating arrangements for the wedding and then seeing clothes coming from the balcony.  Hello Lydia, welcome back from the dead.  She has really bad listening skills apparently.

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC

-Victoria is not happy with Lydia since they made a deal for her to be in hiding since her life was spared.  Lydia notices that not a lot of Conrad’s clothes are in the closet. Emily is definitely not happy to see Lydia and as Lydia is walking away, she pushes Emily to the floor. Of course, Daniel freaks and Victoria doesn’t understand why he is making such a big deal.  That’s when he drops the bomb that Victoria is going to be Grandma Vicky. Let’s just say she’s so not happy about this.

-Sara confronts Daniel at his office. He hasn’t been avoiding her on purpose but things are now complicated.  Sara is not going to wait for Daniel. He is clearly tormented.

-Daniel and Emily are going to a doctor’s appointment, the paparazzi surround the car.  Emily makes it clear to Daniel that the only person they told was Victoria.

-When Daniel confronts Victoria she lets Daniel know Emily is aware of his night with Sara. Daniel didn’t sleep with Sara. He has fallen in love with Sara but he is going to marry Emily.

-Charlotte realizes Daniel is really confused and she realizes she should stay out of his life. She tells Victoria it is time for her to do the same.

-Sara confronts Daniel about the baby Emily is carrying. Daniel is in love with Sara but loves Emily and the baby too. They say goodbye and she gives him the necklace he had given to her. After she leaves he drops the necklace in the water. (He is at the docks, FYI.)

-Jack brings dinner to Margaux at her office since they haven’t seen each other much.  He notices a file on Conrad which worries him. He goes to Nolan for help. Jack wants to figure out what Margaux is doing and gives Nolan the IP address to her computer. Jack is now James Bond. I kind of love it.

-Conrad thinks Time Magazine wants to do a cover story on him. (Nice ego, buddy!)  But surprise its Lydia. Conrad is happy she is alive. He tries to hit on her and meanwhile she is taping the conversation that doesn’t reveal anything important. She is still attracted to this guy. What is wrong with her?

-Aiden tips off Margaux that Lydia has had a visitor. When Margaux confronts her, Lydia says she was trying to get something for Margaux’s story. Margaux cuts off their deal. She might have a different source; Nolan being that source. (Or so she thinks….)

-At this point Lydia goes to Conrad and they sleep together. There are boxes of pictures everywhere in their hotel room because Conrad is doing his memoir. She looks through and finds the picture of Emily in the background of the picture she used to have.

Photo Credit: Richard Carwright/ABC
Photo Credit: Richard Carwright/ABC

-Meanwhile, Emily has taken a bracelet of Victoria’s and wears it to the shooting range so there is gunpowder on her bracelet.

-Aiden does a special Japanese ceremony for Emily because she is going into “battle.”  When she is done meditating, he gets down on one knee and proposes. He proposes to her as Amanda Clarke and she accepts.

-While Aiden and Emily are in bed, her phone rings. It’s Daniel so she has to leave.

-Daniel reveals what happened with Sara to Emily and he tells her it’s over.  Daniel leaves to spend the night separated as a wedding tradition. Victoria stops by and lets Emily know she is not going to the wedding. This would mess up Emily’s plans but we all know she is going to be there because she was sitting at the wedding in the preview for next’s week episode. (Part 2 of the winter finale)

The big question next week:  Who will shoot Emily?  Any guesses?   Will Emily’s plan work or will something go wrong?

See you next week….


Revenge airs on ABC Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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