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Klaus the King, The Originals “Reigning Pain in New Orleans” 

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW
Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Instead of “Reigning Pain in New Orleans,” the fall finale of The Originals should have been called “The One Where Klaus Comes Clean.” Episodes like this are always interesting because you know it’s a jumping off point for a new twist or mythology. Everything was wrapped up in a tidy, albeit bloody, bow and when The Originals comes back on January 14th we’ll have a new quest for our vampy favorites to embark upon.

So who’s made the most moves in the first half of the season? My vote is for Klaus, who faced a literal army of vampires and tore them to shreds to get what he wanted, Marcel’s throne. Now reigning over New Orleans with reluctant followers, Klaus has finally seen all of his pieces fall into place. He’s got his wolf baby mama shacked up in the compound, he’s got Elijah and Rebekah contrite, and he’s just made partners with Marcel again. In an interesting move, Klaus fesses up to all of his devious plots against Marcel. Klaus, with all of his ducks in a row, doesn’t see it necessary to hold back on any of the gritty details. He comes clean about setting up Thierry (doesn’t mean we’re going to see Thierry in the spring? Say yes!), he reveals that Davina has been dealing behind Marcel’s back and he even sets Cami free. All seems well in New Orleans, doesn’t it?

Except for the curve ball Elijah threw him at the end of “Reigning Pain in New Orleans.” Klaus, feeling generous, grants Elijah and Rebekah permission to move back home and calls a truce. With a baby on the way, Klaus seems to be more family-centric than ever. Then Elijah, after a trek in the woods to save some werewolf transients, drops the bomb. Or rather, the ring. It seems Klaus’s wolfy ancestors have survived and are close. Considering the root of all of Klaus’s pain and torment for the last thousand years has been centered on the fact he felt alienated from his half-brothers and sisters, the appearance of these wolves could do his head in. On the one hand, with how benevolent he’s been feeling with everything going his way, perhaps Klaus will seek out this new pack and do the whole “Search-for-myself” thing. But probably, more than likely, he’ll see any kin as a threat and react in his Klaus-way, violently and with a lot of blood and guts.

Then again, maybe not. The old Klaus wouldn’t have shared, as he did in this episode with Cami, the real extent of his suffering. Through a vamp mind meld, he gave her a small glimpse of the betrayal and anguish his adopted father caused him. Klaus has made first steps in his forced friendship with Cami to really connect with someone. Desperation and fear of abandonment has always been the cause of his back-stabbing of his siblings.  With blood family coming into the picture, we may see the beginning of a transition in Klaus.

Don’t worry. I’m sure he won’t change so much that a little slaughter and mayhem won’t please him. He is, after all, the new king and he has a kingdom to terrorize.

The Originals returns to the CW on January 14th.

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