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Moira Doesn’t Back Down, Arrow “The Scientist” 

The Scientist
Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

Tonight’s episode may have been all about the new concrete-muscled, windpipe-crushing super villain, who effortlessly tossed Ollie around like a rag-doll, but in my eyes, he wasn’t the only force to be reckoned with. Time and time again we’ve watched Moira Queen cower and tremble in the presence of Malcolm Merlyn. But it’s the times she stands up to him that we’re reminded she is a strong, steadfast business woman who accomplishes whatever she puts her mind to. Regardless, if it’s admitting her guilt to save the city in a press conference or allowing her husband to be kidnapped, she can be ruthless in both the best and worst of ways. And in tonight’s episode, when Malcolm first comes to demand she tell Thea that he is her father, you can actually see the fear in Moira’s eyes despite the fact that her words feebly attempt to present an air of confidence.


MALCOLM: “I hear you’re throwing a party, I didn’t get my invite.”

MOIRA: “Where should I have addressed it? Starling City Cemetery?”


However, when Malcolm returns to confront Moira a second time after the party, it’s almost as though he is facing an entirely different person. She is calm, unflustered and that air of confidence is 100% genuine. Malcolm spouts some villainous nonsense about owing him since he got her out of prison (even though she didn’t ask for it, which is a pretty lousy way to get roped in to a deal if you ask me) and yet she stands strong and tall with no traces of that earlier fear in her eyes. And soon, we see she has good reason.


MOIRA: “And I thought it couldn’t hurt to add extra security guards.”

MALCOLM: “It hurt them, badly.”

MALCOLM: “Have you prepared Thea?”

MOIRA: “No, you will not go near Thea, you will not speak to her and you will not set foot in this house again.”

MALCOLM: “I set you free  Moira, your life belongs to me.”

MOIRA: “I am through being afraid of you.”

MALCOLM: “Ha! You think you can stop me? Even the vigilante couldn’t kill me.”

MOIRA: “No he couldn’t, but I know someone who can. Ra’s Al-Ghul.”

MALCOLM: “How do you know that name?”

MOIRA: “Well, I didn’t, until you mentioned Nanda Parabat. The League of Assassins, no matter how twisted their aims, believes very deeply in a code of honor. Your Undertaking betrayed that code.”

MALCOLM: “You told Ra’s I’m still alive?”

MOIRA: “He was so grateful to hear it. Because he so very much wants to kill you himself. So my advice to you Malcolm — run.”


So the tables have turned. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect this to last for long as Malcolm always seems to end up with the upper hand somehow, but in the meantime, I enjoy the thought of Malcolm being the prey rather than the predator. And while I can’t deny that it seems a little far fetched that Moira can so easily and quickly get in touch with the leader of such a notorious and highly secretive organization, I’m willing to go with it. My greater issue, however, is how this will tie in with Ollie. The Dark Archer has been such a formidable foe to the Vigilante that I would hate to see him taken down by another organization without giving Oliver a chance to be a part of it. So am I saying that I want Oliver to team up with the League of Assassins? Not necessarily. But  if the Dark Archer continues to torment the city, the Vigilante deserves to be in at the head of the line when it comes to taking him down. And the fact that it was Moira who set this potential take down in motion proves that even with her pearls and party gowns, you don’t cross Mama Queen. I hope you’re listening, Isabel, because she’s clearly got her sights set on you next.

The mid-season finale for the CW’s Arrow airs next Wed., Dec. 11 @ 8/7c.


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