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Devious Maids: 10 Reasons I’m Thankful for this Show 

Photo Credit: Jim Fiscus/Lifetime

I have recently started watching Lifetime’s Devious Maids. It was recommended by a friend, and it really reminds me of Desperate Housewives, not least because a few of the characters pop up here and there but also because it is easy watching. There is a good cross section of drama, comedy, and the all important romance amongst the maids and their employers, as well as showing us some of their dreams and aspirations and how they go about trying to achieve them.  

So my top ten reasons to be thankful for this show are:

10. Zoila

Photo Credit: Joseph Viles/Lifetime
Photo Credit: Joseph Viles/Lifetime

I know that she is only trying to protect her daughter but does she really think she will not get her heart broken by someone who doesn’t have money?

Trying to control the situation will only make Valentina hate her for meddling.  I could feel Valentina’s pain when Zoila outed her as the ‘help’ to Remi and his friends during their movie night that she had expertly engineered in the first place.

9. Evelyn Powell

I didn’t really like Evelyn to begin with but she did show us a softer more vulnerable side when it was revealed she had feelings for their newly divorced friend. I also felt a little sorry for her when Adrian Powell said introducing him to a “friend,” after Evelyn had begged him not to, would give him satisfaction to know it was hurting her.

8. Manipulation

I love Carmen’s manipulation of Sam to get what she wants and to stop him from telling Odessa what she gets up to when Alejandro is not at home. And he falls for it every time.  She reminds me a little of Gaby in DH.

7. Something for Everyone

I think Marc Cherry has managed to combine just the right mix of drama, comedy, romance and intrigue to appeal to everyone and keep things interesting.

6. Blasts from the Past

Several familiar faces from Desperate Housewives keep popping up and I’m sure there will be more to come.  Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) made an appearance in the DH season finale. Rebecca Wisocky (Devious Maid‘s Evelyn Powell) played the mother of Bree van de Camp in one episode. Olivia Rice (played by Valerie Mahaffey) was Orson’s wife on DH. Richard Burgi played Henri in DM‘s episode four and was previously Susan Delfino’s ex-husband Karl Meyer on DH.

Tom Irwin, who plays Adrian Powell, has also been seen in Angel, ER, Lost and My So-Called Life to name a few. And Grant Show is famous for his role as Jake Hansen in Melrose Place.

5. Backstabbing

The rich employers all pretend to like each other but in reality they cannot stand each other and take any opportunity to stab each other in the back.  They all seem to be hiding one secret or another and I’m sure a few more skeletons will be falling out of closets all over the place.

4. Valentina and Remi

Valentina has a huge crush on Remi and is clearly studying up on Hitchcock films to impress him. But her mother is right. Those kind of boys never fall in love with the help and I feel it will only end in tears.

3.  Marisol Duarte

Photo Credit: Richard McLaren/Lifetime

Marisol shows us the lengths a mother will go to to protect her child and prove his innocence and the conviction she has that her son did not murder Flora. She also seems to be the agony aunt and gives very good advice, especially to Taylor.

 2. Strong Independent Women

Much like DH the men are secondary to the women who dominate the show. And we have a real insight into their lives and loves and their dreams and goals for the future.

1. This show gives us a new Desperate Housewives

Photo Credit: Guy D'Alema/Lifetime
Photo Credit: Guy D’Alema/Lifetime

Devious Maids was created by Desperates Housewives guru, Marc Cherry, and reminds me of his DH not least because one of the executive producers is Eva Longoria who played one of my favourite characters on Housewives.

Look for season two of Devious Maids to return in April 2014.

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