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Castle “The Good, The Bad & The Baby” 

Ron Tom/ABC

Confession: I wasn’t disappointed in the episode not being specifically focused on a certain holiday, although they mentioned Thanksgiving. I also didn’t need a themed episode. I loved the Caskett moments and the interaction with the baby.

I can’t wait to see Castle and Beckett have babies of their own. I feel like this was a test run or practice of what it might be like in the future for them. I guess we will see what happens down the road as far as Caskett and kids.

This episode is still making me smile!! I am so happy with the way Terri Edda Miller wrote it. She always makes me feel so Caskett-happy after I see her episodes.

What I Loved:

  • Castle and his taking care of the baby. I think my favorite line was Castle saying he was “the baby whisperer.” I am still smiling thinking of all the stuff he bought for the baby. I also liked that he gave the baby a name – Cosmo. I could see his instinct to protect the baby and also just caring for him.
  • Beckett and Castle being “parents” to the baby. I think my favorite part was seeing them change the his diaper. That or them staying up with the baby and being completely exhausted the next day. I love how Caskett fell asleep from all their hard work.
  • Ryan and his inexperience. I loved how Ryan was trying to help with the baby and realizing it wasn’t as easy as holding a doll. I can’t wait to see how he does when Jenny has their baby in a month.
  • Lainie and her interaction with the baby. I loved seeing Tamala and her scenes with the little one. It was really sweet. I wouldn’t mind seeing her baby-sitting Castle and Beckett’s future kids at some point.

I still can’t believe this is our last episode of 2013. It feels like six weeks until the next one is forever. I hope it goes fast! January 6th feels too far away! I know they have to spread the season order of episodes out, but it still upsets me.

I am still loving this season and all the surprises. I honestly think this may just be my favorite season of the series. I guess I will have to see when May comes around.

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